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Social Media As Part Of The Marketing Mix Ian Crockett.

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1 Social Media As Part Of The Marketing Mix Ian Crockett

2 Basic Rules Think Service Organizations Like Rotary and Not Tip or Lead Clubs Become the Authority, Don’t Sell Strategy Requires Time and Commitment Don’t Expect Immediate Results Be Relevant. Be Unique.

3 Reasons to Use Social Media Solidify Customer Loyalty Attract New Customers Through a Form of Word of Mouth Advertising Promote Events Generate Awareness to New Products and Services Get Actionable Feedback (Online Focus Group)

4 Keys to Success Have Measurable Goals (Likes, Followers, Re- tweets) Plan Content Calendar Select One or Two Networks Engage and Interact with Audience (Have a Method for Feedback) Integrate with Web Site Research your audience

5 What has a Negative Impact No Brand Awareness No Events for Online Community Using Industry Terminology Not Understood by Customers/Prospects Being Too Aggressive (Hard Sell) Material not relevant or interesting to audience Not understanding audience

6 Popular Sites Facebook LinkedIn (Business Connections) Twitter (News) Instagram (photos) You Tube Vine (6 sec video) Pintrest

7 YouTube YouTube #1 in Driving Sales --Post videos of events --New product demos --Customer and employee comments --Rich media helps boost SEO

8 Facebook 1 out of every 12 people in the world Generate “Likes” Pre and Post event photos Younger demo being turned off due to news about data collection Native advertising

9 Twitter Good tool for politicians Better for hard news 8% of Americans use Twitter Re-tweets help build online community

10 # Select unique title Very effective with charitable causes (KFC example w/Ice Bucket Challenge) Can build your online community

11 SEO (Organic Searches) No guarantee to have #1 listing Top six or first page Algorithms too complex Keywords in site, traffic, updates, links, rich media Videos Blogging

12 PPC Sponsored Links Think Yellow Page leads (shoppers) Effective in some industries National companies have edge (budget, etc.) Difficult in-house Prospects don’t know industry terminology

13 Traditional Media Television Cable Radio Satellite/Internet Radio Out of Home Direct mail Online newspaper/magazines

14 Traditional Media (cont.) Let them help with your Social Media Strategy Cross promote with like businesses

15 Summary More effective when used with traditional media Commit to hiring someone or outsourcing Make sure they understand your business and industry or prepared to learn Don’t be susceptible to “pitches” Have a plan Be relevant, promote expertise without selling

16 Summary (cont.) Know your audience What interests them? (3D printing?) Don’t expect “free lunch” What are your manufacturers or other suppliers doing?

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