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Social Media for Social Enterprise Naomh McElhatton February 2014.

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1 Social Media for Social Enterprise Naomh McElhatton February 2014

2 Today: An overview of the latest digital marketing tools and social media platforms. How to get the best out of your time and ensure you are engaging with your core audiences.

3 Objectives: Define what you’re hoping to achieve for your group or service. How do your customers seek information about your service or product? What social platforms do they favour? What’s the purpose of the social platforms and technology you’ve chosen to use?

4 Elements:

5 Social Media: Top 6: 1.Facebook 2.Google+ 3.Twitter 4.LinkedIn 5.Pinterest 6.YouTube

6 Benefits of Social Media: Customer Engagement Revenue Creation Building Loyalty Thought Leadership Search Engine Optimisation


8 Facebook: start growing LIKES WHEN YOUR PAGE IS NEW – NO ONE LIKES YOU! Growth takes time but there are a few steps you can take to get yourself started. Facebook Encourages: (Initially) Share your page with friends and family Encourage them to share your posts (at least in the beginning) Head off and find other related businesses or organisations and like their page. Know what your competition is doing!

9 Facebook: engage YOUR Audience... Interaction (on Facebook this takes the form of “likes”, “comments” and “shares”) is the most important metric, even more so than total number of page “likes.” Why? YOUR business won’t even show up in someone’s news feed if you don’t have interaction!!

10 How to increase INTERACTION! By posting something for starters. Status updates, links, pictures and videos. Nothing says “unlike” faster than coming to a business page where the tumbleweeds are blowing through. Post content that’s for and about your target market and audience. Be useful... Don’t be completely self absorbed!!!

11 Easiest ways to engage YOUR Audience... Be visual! Create visual content for your page that stands out on that newsfeed... Plain old text updates without any visual impact are easily lost in the stream of incoming information and rarely get the interaction you need 


13 Quick Jargon Guide: @. Sign – used to promote another twitter usernames account in your tweet or to send a message. When a username is preceded by an @, it links to their twitter accounts. #. Hashtag - identifies a topic, event or keyword in a tweet. Direct Messages (DM’s) – a personal tweet not viewable to others. Tweets – an individual post of up to 140 characters. Motified Tweets (MT’s) – similar to a retweet only slightly modified. Retweets (RT’s) – a shared tweet from another user. Timeline. – Real time list of tweets on twitter that appear by time and date, in the order they were posted.

14 Twitters Top Reasons to follow Brands:

15 Tips for Twitter Create Tweets that resonate Keep Tweets short and sweet Tweet often! Follow your interests Simply @ Reply Engage in Trending Topics Engage in conversations Use the search functionality


17 LinkedIn Breakdown

18 LinkedIn for YOUR Business Market your business to the LinkedIn community by creating a LinkedIn Company Page. Raise awareness of your brand, promote career opportunities, and educate potential customers on your products and services. Helps with SEO: LinkedIn information is available for search engines to index. Start a Group: Groups represent a fantastic opportunity for businesses to network and grow. Promote your blog: LinkedIn is a great way to share and promote it.

19 LinkedIn for YOU Target a Specific Audience By job title and function By industry and company size By seniority and age By LinkedIn Groups Attract new talent Connect with prospects Establish credibility Expand market reach


21 YouTube YouTube offers solutions to engage customers in different ways, based on your marketing objectives. The first step to devising your YouTube strategy is to identify your objectives: Increase brand awareness Launch a new product or service Generate a direct response from potential new customers Manage your online reputation Increase audience engagement on site to that the users become Advocates of your business

22 YouTube There are a number of opportunities available to promote your business on YouTube. Ideally you would have your own channel to upload videos of your product, service or events. There are 3 YouTube channels that you can avail of: User Channel Brand Channel Custom Brand Channel


24 Google+ Own suite of “social” services: Video conferencing (Hangout Video Chats - HVC) Broadcasting (Hangouts On Air) CRM (Circles) Networking/lead generation (Communities) Content marketing (text, images, video)


26 Pinterest Pinterest is now either the 2nd or 3rd biggest social network, and is currently showing the fastest rate of growth. Why? 1.Showcase your products 2.Build your brand identity 3.Interact with customers

27 Pinterest Approximately 58% of Pinterest users are females Product pictures pinned with a price are more effective (that is to say they will generate a better CTR) than product pins with no price shown Click through and sales conversion rates are better on Pinterest than on either Twitter or Facebook Pinterest users tend to have a higher than average disposable income Some of the most popular Pinterest topics are interiors, DIY, cookery, fashion, hobbies and crafts

28 Discovery

29 Strategy Development

30 Organisational Development

31 Online Reputation Management:

32 Do you know what people are saying about your brand. Initiative online? Are you being notified when your company is mentioned online? How does your company's online reputation stack up to your competitors? Does your website represent your business in the best possible way? Can you monitor what people are saying about your business via social media? Respond to negative comments – DO NOT bury your head in sand!


34 Managing your efforts:

35 Monitoring YOUR Efforts: Google Analytics provides you with insight into your website activity, providing you with information to allow you to make informed decisions on your website performance, design & conversion. It allows you to answer questions such as: Is my site content working/ Interesting? Are customers dropping out from my checkout? If so where are they going? Is my online marketing working? Do PPC (Pay per Click) visits convert more than e- mail visits?

36 Resources: Mail Chimp Constant Contact Capsule CRM Hootesuite (Social Media) Google Alerts Google Analytics

37 Q & A

38 T: @DigitalAdNI / @naomhs M: 0044 7515 41 55 43 Thank you !

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