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Ms. Susan M. Pojer Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY

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1 Ms. Susan M. Pojer Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY
Roman Art Architecture and engineering Ms. Susan M. Pojer Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY

2 Roman Architecture

3 Model of Rome

4 Characteristics During the Republic – Temple Architecture:
blended Etruscan & Greek features. emphasis on the front of the building. example: Temple of Fortuna Virilis.

5 Temple of “Fortuna Virilis”

6 Characteristics CONCRETE:
created a revolution in architectural design. create larger, heavier buildings. * example: The Sanctuary of Fortuna Palestrina.

7 Sanctuary of Fortuna Palestrina

8 Model of Roman Forum

9 Model of Trajan’s Forum

10 Characteristics ARCH & VAULT: Coliseum Race Track – Circus Maximus
Public Baths Amphitheaters

11 Triumphal Arch of Titus

12 Arch of Constantine

13 Barrel or “Tunnel” Vault
Windows can be placed at any point. These vaults require buttressing to counter-act the downward thrust of weight.

14 Groin Vault Also called a cross vault. Needs less buttressing.

15 Multi Groin Vaults A series of groin vaults can have open lateral arches that form Clerestories. Windows that allow light into the interior of churches. These concrete windows are fireproof [an important consideration since many early churches burned!]

16 Early Roman Amphitheater
Seats about 20,000

17 Roman Theater

18 Theater of Marcellus

19 Roman Coliseum

20 Roman Coliseum

21 Interior of the Coliseum
Arena is Latin for the sand, coating the floor that soaks up the blood of the combatants.

22 Circus Maximus 300,000 seat capacity!

23 Roman Bath in England

24 Characteristics DOME:
Basilicas - Large and relatively open space examples: ► Pantheon ► early Christian churches

25 Cylindrical Dome With the dome, the Romans could surpass earlier cultures by their ability to span space. Light enters through the oculus on top.

26 The Pantheon Plans

27 The Pantheon

28 Pantheon’s Dome

29 The Pantheon Interior

30 Painting by Giovanni Paolo Pannini (18c)
The Pantheon Interior Painting by Giovanni Paolo Pannini (18c)

31 Roman Engineering

32 Innovative Engineering Techniques
Roads – macadam Aqueducts Arch Bridge

33 Via Appia All roads lead to Rome!

34 Roman Aqueduct

35 Aqueduct in Segovia

36 Roman Arch Bridge in Spain

37 Hadrian’s Wall in Britain

38 Roman Sculpture

39 Characteristics of Roman Sculpture
Collectors and copiers of Greek works [more idealistic]. Categories: Portrait sculpture Statues Paintings & mosaics Relief sculptures More realism [show the wrinkles, the bulges, and ageing!]

40 Original created by the Greek sculptor, Polyclitus, 5c BCE
Roman Copy of Greek Art Original created by the Greek sculptor, Polyclitus, 5c BCE

41 Republican Couple Realistic portraits – like Hellenistic Greek style.

42 Portraits of Emperors Nero Hadrian Julius Caesar Marcus Aurelius

43 Mosaics on a Roman Villa Floor

44 Roman Citizens

45 Column Of Trajan

46 Base Relief Legionnaires on Trajan’s Column

47 Roman Sarcophagus Marble base relief – Etruscan influence?

48 Roman Frescoes

49 Roman Villa

50 House in Herculaneum

51 Frescoes on aVilla’s Walls

52 Roman Crafts

53 Roman Crafts Ivory Cameo 1c BCE glass bowl Gold earrings

54 Greek and roman art and architecture are all around us

55 Jefferson Memorial

56 Lincoln Memorial

57 The US Capitol Building

58 Statue of Justice US Supreme Court Building

59 Federal Court Building in NYC

60 Metropolitan Museum of Art

61 Statue of Liberty

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