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American and French Revolutions Review Mr. Braff.

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1 American and French Revolutions Review Mr. Braff

2 Declaration of Independence 2 Clues This document declared the American Colonies free from Great Britain and was inspired by Enlightenment ideas. Written primarily by Thomas Jefferson in 1776

3 Articles of Confederation 2 Clues A very loose set of laws that originally governed the United States after the American Revolution. It was so weak, the new country almost fell apart!

4 Constitution 2 Clues American document which replaced the Articles of Confederation as the supreme law of the land. It is still in use today.

5 Declaration of the Rights of Man 2 Clues French document declaring themselves free from monarchal rule It was inspired by the Declaration of Independence.

6 Thomas Jefferson 4 Clues One of the Founding Fathers of the United States He was a major Enlightenment thinker Wrote the Declaration of Independence Served as the third President

7 Bill of Rights 2 Clues The first 10 Amendments to the US Constitution These Amendments are still in use today

8 Ben Franklin 2 Clues This person was a Founding Father of the United States Also a distinguished scientist/inventor.

9 Marie Antoinette 3 Clues Austrian born Queen of France She lost her head… can you help find it?

10 Radical 1 Clues A person who was in favor of extreme change in government

11 Counterrevolution 1 clue A revolution against a revolution

12 First Estate 1 Clue Social class made up of the Roman Catholic clergy

13 Second Estate 1 Clue Social class made up of the nobility

14 Bourgeoisie 1 Clue The social group atop the Third Estate, many were middle class or wealthy merchants.

15 Peasants 2 Clues Made up the majority of the Third Estate These people were incredibly poor and many did not work

16 Louis XVI 2 Clues King of France during the French Revolution Lost his head

17 Guillotine 1 Clue Machine used in the French Revolution which cut off peoples’ heads!

18 Bastille 3 Clues It was a Medieval French Prison Seen as a symbol of the old order of things This place was stormed by members of the Third Estate

19 Reign of Terror 1 Clue Time period in France when the guillotine was used on suspected counterrevolutionaries

20 Maximilien Robespierre 2 Clues The radical who was in charge of the National Assembly (the French government) during the Reign of Terror Ended up, you guessed it, losing his head as well

21 What were the 5 causes of the French Revolution? Inequalities in Society Ideas of the Enlightenment  Educated Bourgeoisie Poor leadership of Louis XVI French Financial Crisis  Spent a lot of money in the Seven Years War and the American Revolutionary War Widespread Hunger because of a larger population and the Cold Weather destroying farms and livestock

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