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The French Revolution.

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1 The French Revolution

2 Enlightenment Inspires Revolution
The Glorious Revolution England 1689 Why = Protestant religion in England threatened by Catholic King James II Result = Protestant William of Orange becomes King Constitutional Monarchy = powers of the King limited by the laws of the country The American Revolution North America, Why = American colonists wanted independence from English rule Result = United States of America formed Representative Government = citizens elect leaders to make / enforce laws

3 The 1st & 2nd Estates 1st Estate = 2nd Estate = Both did not pay taxes
Roman Catholic Clergy (Priests & Bishops) 1% of population Owned %10 of land Collected taxes from church members 2nd Estate = French Nobles 2% of population (30% of land and use of much more) Collected taxes from peasants on their land Both did not pay taxes

4 The 3rd Estate 97% of the population
Doctors, lawyers, businessmen (Bourgeoise) Working class (Factory, skilled workers) Peasants (80% of the pop) Had no “voice” in government Paid all the taxes

5 Enlightenment Sparks Revolution!
France is in trouble… Huge Debt $$$ Louis XVI weak leader The National Assembly Meeting of all 3 estates Each Estate had 1 vote (1st & 2nd had advantage) Tennis Court Oath = 3rd estate vowed to form a new constitution for France

6 Violence Erupts in France
Storming of the Bastille = Symbol of Monarchy destroyed by 3rd Estate The Great Fear = A wave of panic spread through French countryside The Reign of Terror = Mass executions of “traitors” to the Revolution. Robespierre ruled as dictator Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette beheaded by the guillotine

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