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French Revolution.

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1 French Revolution

2 Before the Revolution Why Change?
Government was a Monarchy called the Old Regime. During the Old Regime there were 3 Estates (social classes) Why Change? The Enlightenment gave ideas of Revolution (sudden or significant change in the old ways of doing things) Rich got richer – poor got poorer

3 The Three Estates First Estate Second Estate Third Estate
Clergy- owned 10% of land in France Second Estate Nobility- 2% of population Third Estate Bourgeoisie (middle class) Urban Poor (laborers) Peasants- 80% of total population 97% of the population

4 King Louis XVI King Louis XVI – terrible leader; put France in debt
More concerned about sports (hunting) than his people and the economy

5 Queen Marie Antoinette
Queen Marie Antoinette – Upset many people with her dress style, loss up to $1.5 million playing cards

6 The revolution The 3rd estate wanted a Revolution
They needed weapons. They stormed the Bastille (prison w/ weapons) on July 14th 1789. This was the start of the Revolution

7 The Revolution The leaders of the Revolution execute Louis & Marie
Guillotine- method of execution used Robespierre takes control of France. He creates the “Reign of Terror” which saw over 40,000 people killed-- most were of the Third Estate.

8 Napoleon Bonaparte Revolution has no leadership– got out of hand
Napoleon= successful general who is loved by all! Military genius Controls France by 1795

9 Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon kept many reforms of the revolution; this kept the 97% poor happy Napoleonic Code- Napoleons laws created to restore peace and stability 1804 times were good- he crowns himself Emperor By 1810 he controlled Europe


11 Napoleon’s downfall Napoleon wanted all of Europe: tried to cut off Britain's trade 1812 Napoleon invades Russia w/ 420,000 men The Russians retreated inland – they burned their own land so the French could not use the Russians resources.


13 Napoleon’s downfall The French moved to Moscow but it was burned
The French tried to go home but the Russian winter wiped out the French troops

14 Napoleon’s downfall Napoleon was then defeated by the Brits. At Waterloo (city in Belgium). Napoleon was exiled (banished) to St. Helena & died

15 Congress of Vienna The Leaders of the European countries went to Vienna for a meeting. There they re-drew country boundaries & restored peace throughout Europe. Many countries became allies (not so good)

16 Old and New


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