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American Revolution Review

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1 American Revolution Review
What were the causes of the American Revolution? What was the Boston Tea Party? What is a boycott? How do the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, and Amendments reflect Enlightenment ideas?

2 The French Revolution The Causes

3 EQ: What were the underlying problems of France before the Revolution?

4 Social Structure of French Society
French society was divided into three estates (much like rich, middle, and poor) 1st Estate – Clergy 2nd Estate – Nobility 3rd Estate – Everyone else


6 The Top: 1st and 2nd Estates
Privileged, wealthy, influential These two groups owned most of the land and paid few taxes. Represented 2% of the population which is out of 26 million

7 The Bottom: The 3rd Estate
The 3rd Estate was 98 % of society 1. Bourgeoisie – merchants, artisans, lawyers 2. Urban Workers – worked small jobs in the city. 3. Peasants – mostly farmers, very poor, 80% of population

8 The Government Absolute Monarchy King has total power
Few rights for people

9 King Louis XVI Louis XVI is King Weak, insecure leader
Not good with people

10 Queen Marie Antoinette
Hated by the French people Spent huge amounts of money Nickname – “Madame Deficit”

11 Crop Problems In the 1780s, France experienced an unprecedented amount of bad weather Hurt crop production Less crops = higher prices Unhappy citizens

12 French Government was bankrupt Why this fiscal crisis?
Economic Problems French Government was bankrupt Had a huge debt Why this fiscal crisis? Spent money on several wars Bad tax policy (not tax the wealthy)

13 The Estates General As a result of these issues, the King calls the Estates General to fix them

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