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Gut And Psychology Syndrome Gut And Physiology Syndrome

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1 Gut And Psychology Syndrome Gut And Physiology Syndrome
The 1st WAPF UK conference Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride MD 1

2 All diseases begin in the gut
All diseases begin in the gut! Hippocrates, BC Gut And Psychology / Gut And Physiology Syndrome GAP Syndrome establishes a connection between the state of the gut and the health of the rest of the body

3 Roles of Gut Flora Protection from Invaders
Health and Integrity of the Gut Appropriate Digestion and Absorption Vitamin Production Detoxification Immune System Modulation

4 What can damage gut flora
Antibiotics Steroids, The Pill Other Drugs Stress Poor Diet Infections Disease Bottle Feeding Old Age Pollution Radiation Alcohol Toxic Chemicals Dental Work

5 A Typical Scenario Mother with gut dysbiosis
The baby does not develop normal gut flora Immune system compromised Ear infections, antibiotics Chest infections, antibiotics Further damage to gut flora & immune system Vaccinations Usual weaning diet Gut dysbiosis leads to damaged gut wall Toxins, microbes, undigested foods enter the body Autoimmunity joins in 5




9 DAMAGED GUT WALL Lack of protection by beneficial gut flora
Attack by pathogenic microbes & toxins Enterocytes degenerate, tight junctions open Foods absorb partially digested leading to food allergies & intolerances Damaged gut lets toxins & microbes through into the blood steam General toxicity in the body Immune system reacts adding autoimmunity

10 Cleaning the flow from the gut Water soluble nutrients & toxins
Stage 1: through the gut wall into the blood steam Stage 2: liver Stage 3: lungs Fat soluble nutrients & toxins Stage 1: through the gut wall into lymph Stage 2: lungs

11 Liver Greatly increased toxic flow from the gut Blocked detox pathways
Toxins by-pass filtering & go into the blood stream From the environment: heavy metals, phenols, petro-chemicals, glue adhesives, agricultural chemicals, personal care & cleaning products, plasticisers, etc, etc By-products of body’s own metabolism All liver functions suffer

12 Lungs Toxins, undigested foods, microbes eliminate through phagocytes & “mucociliary escalator” Toxic gases escape Damage to bronchi Bronchospasm (wheeze) - a protective mechanism for healing bronchi Anti-asthma drugs stop this mechanism leading to long-term lung damage D Freed, J Mansfield. Asthma: What we do and why we do it. JNutr&EnvirMed, June 2008,17(2):97-110

13 Gut and Physiology Syndrome: Asthma
Used to be a benign condition (no asthma mortality) until anti-asthma drugs invented in s Now a deadly disease Anti-asthma drugs do not allow the lungs to eliminate toxins and heal the damage Toxins go elsewhere in the body, causing damage Fatal food allergies are associated with “well- controlled” asthma Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food. CTCFCPE; 2007, p.25, Crown Copyright

14 Gut and Physiology Syndrome
Elimination of toxins & undigested food through lungs: asthma, other chronic lung conditions through skin: eczema, other skin problems through urine: chronic cystitis, bed wetting, thrush through mucous membranes: sinusitis, post- nasal drip, rhinitis, gingivitis, vaginitis, diarrhoea/constipation, etc – all chronic

15 Gut and Physiology Syndrome Autoimmunity
Caused by absorption of protein and peptide complexes through damaged gut wall Immune system produces antibodies, which then attack body’s own tissues In type 1 diabetes pancreatic cells are attacked In celiac disease small intestine is attacked In MS, autism & other neurological problems nervous system is attacked Always more than one tissue is attacked

16 Gut And Physiology Syndrome
Autoimmunity: multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes type one, celiac disease, osteoarthritis, lupus, etc Arthritis of any kind ME, fybromialgia, chronic fatigue Allergies Migraines & other headaches Chronic cystitis Skin problems: psoriasis, eczema, etc

17 BLOOD - BRAIN BARRIER Very selective in letting things through
Tight junctions & zonulin Microbial toxins and autoimmune attack Damaged blood – brain barrier Toxins, microbes & antibodies get through Impaired brain function leads to impaired learning, behaviour, social skills & perception Epileptic seizures

18 Gut And Psychology Syndrome Child Adult

19 Epilepsy in children 1% of population under the age of 20
50% of children with mental problems 70% - no cause is apparent In vast majority of cases childhood epilepsy is due to toxicity coming from the gut The treatment needs to concentrate on the gut health

20 GAPS Nutritional Protocol
GAPS Diet An Effective Probiotic Address Nutritional Deficiencies Detoxification 20

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