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SIRS ® Discoverer Standards Search December 2005.

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1 SIRS ® Discoverer Standards Search December 2005

2 SIRS Discoverer Standards Search Finds content aligned to state and national standards Covers all core curricula subjects Covers most states Available in: –SIRS Discoverer ® SIRS Researcher ® SIRS Knowledge Source ® (SKS)

3 SIRS Standards Search Benefits Helps educators save time during the lesson planning process Provides students targeted, on-task information Ensures library resources are aligned directly to learning benchmarks Provides schools a vast pool of reliable, relevant content to augment existing curriculum

4 Main Search Launch state and national standards searches directly from SIRS In Discoverer, access at Librarians Corner, available at the bottom of every SIRS page

5 Standards Search

6 Standards Search Selection Select the State Then, Select the Subject Standard

7 Standards Search Selection Review the standards related to the subject Use the navigational triangle to drill deeper into a content standard At the benchmark level click See resources to begin matching SIRS content

8 Subject Alignment SIRS queries the benchmark against the SIRS subject index Results display all subjects related to the benchmark

9 Document Results Topics lead to related articles, government documents, websites, multimedia sources, and subjects Dynamic searches ensure educators can find updated content as new documents are added to SIRS

10 Sample Documents Websites, multimedia, and full text articles

11 SIRS Standards Search Thank you for your time! For further questions, please call your ProQuest sales representative at 1.800.521.0600, ext. 3344

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