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What have you learned from your audience feedback ? Evaluation Question 3 By Jemma Fowler.

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1 What have you learned from your audience feedback ? Evaluation Question 3 By Jemma Fowler

2 This presentation will show the feedback we received from friends, class mates and family members after they watched our trailer. We researched our target audience and the conventions of our genre for our trailer so we would know what types of music to use, how to edit and what appeals to our target audience when they watch a trailer.

3 Feedback from class mates We received feedback from our class mates on our trailer, we allowed them to watch the trailer and then we asked them questions and allowed them to write down their answers; like a questionnaire; this was to allow the answers to be open. Using our class mates for feedback was good for us as their age was in our age range for our target audience; 15-24yrs. The questions were; What is the genre and was it obvious? What is the narrative? Are the characters conventional? Comments on soundtrack, Two positive comments and two negative comments. Genre obvious; social realsim Narrative wasn’t clear – just gang fight? Conventional characters- yes they are, costumes etc Soundtrack fit genre Poss; the way characters introduced and titles Neg; voice over quiet and could have used different scenes Genre is obvious; social realism Narrative is hard to understand Characters are conventional Soundtrack suited trailer, voice over worked needed to be used more often Poss; well edited piece, edited well with soundtrack and music was good and good use of actors Neg; voice over more often Genre is obvious Narrative not obvious The characters are conventional Sound track- good voice over Poss; good lighting Neg; Repeated scenes Most of our feedback we received about the narrative was that it was hard to understand; we did try to make the narrative more obvious by adding the voice over but perhaps we should of thought about how we were portraying the narrative more when editing and filming. We also received feedback about how we shouldn’t have repeated scenes; if we was to go back and do this again we would have allowed more time for shooting scenes.

4 Genre obvious - gang film- social realism Couldn’t really understand narrative just that gangs are bad and something is bad and he is beaten up Conventional characters Soundtrack- only really liked the last song, should have been used all the way through Voice over bit quiet and didn’t fit together Poss; liked the end and the last song and good acting and characters Neg; punching sound didn’t fit and didn’t understand what going on The genre is obvious The narrative is to do with some kind of gang violence The characters are conventional for social realism Soundtrack and voice over were really good!- the was over was especially good Poss; music and voiceover good Neg; narrative was kind of hard to understand and no sure what some of the scenes were about It’s really positive that everybody thought the genre was obvious and that they all got the genre correct. This shows that the research we made into conventions of social realism worked and is obvious to our target audience. We received some feedback about how they liked the second soundtrack more than the first soundtrack and that we should have used it all the way through; we researched that most social realism films use more than one soundtrack therefore we included two different soundtracks in our trailer; however after receiving the feedback we could have chosen a different soundtrack for the first soundtrack. Obvious genre Didn’t understand narrative Conventional characters Good soundtrack Poss; good titles and characters representation Neg; confusing narrative

5 Genre is obvious Didn’t understand narrative Characters are conventional in the way they dress and props Needed better use of music – couldn’t hear voice over Poss; good use of actors Genre obvious Narrative not obvious Characters are conventional- use of slang Soundtrack is good and worked well Poss; lots of actors Genre obvious; social realism Narrative; the black kid was subjected to gang violence Conventional characters- yes the use of slang Soundtrack- the second part of the soundtrack was very good but the first was only okay Voiceover- was good, soft voice shows he is not hard like the gangs Poss; easy to understand and actors were good Neg; structure could be better and titles could be better We received positive feedback about our actors and how our characters were conventional which shows that our researched worked. From the feedback we received from our class mates I would conclude that the research we did prior to making the trailer really did help as all of them knew the genre and thought it was obvious, they all thought our characters and costumes were conventional, and a lot of them liked our soundtrack and the voice over we included.

6 Feedback from family I decided to receive audience feedback from my family also as I thought it would be interesting too see what people out of out target audience thought about our trailer. I asked them the same questions and here is their feedback… Male 48yrs Social realism; obvious Narrative was about a young black lad who was brought up in gang violence Yes; in fitting with the youth today Music fits the genre of the film Poss; clear and precise Neg; to many repeated scenes Set in Brighton; doesn’t have a black gang violence Female 47yrs Social realism; genre obvious Narrative- gang warfare Conventional characters- true to life Soundtrack- fits genre; rap music Poss; nice use of reviews makes want to go watch it more as have good reviews Like the montage at the end Neg; didn’t understand narrative completely Locations could have been more rundown. From this feedback it shows that even adults older than our target audience still understand the genre and think that the characters were conventional and even would think about going to watch it because of showing the good reviews in the trailer.

7 Female 15yrs Obvious genre- social realism Narrative- gangs and violence Characters conventional because of their clothes Music matched well to the genre Poss; liked the ending- ‘safe bruv’ scene Good use of locations Neg; Didn’t like the repeated scenes Didn’t understand the narrative completely I also asked my younger sister for feedback which gives us feedback right from the minimum age of our target audience. Again like all of our other feedback she understood the genre and thought it was clear and obvious. She also thought the characters were conventional; by the clothes we used. And she liked the ending the most were we added a stereotypical hand gesture of ‘gang’ members and youth today with stereotypical slang; ‘yeah bruv.’ From all the feedback I have learnt that we should have thought about the music we used more and how they would have worked together as we decided to use two tracks. We should have thought longer and planned more about locations and scenes we could have shot so that we could have had more to work with in the edit suite. But I do think that the research we made contributed well to our final piece and that we have created a great piece which matches conventions, is obvious to the target audience what the genre of the film is and has conventional characters, costumes, props and locations.

8 “As a film maker, I know only too well that films do not exist for their own sakes… they only exist when they are experienced by an audience.” Sir Alan Parker CBE Right at the heart of the film industry, there’s a dynamic sector working to deliver the largest possible audience to every new release? This is the distribution sector. Identifying its audience Considering why they’d go and see it Estimating the revenue potential across all the formats of its release Developing plans and partnerships to build awareness of and interest in the film Aiming to convert as much interest as possible into cinema visits Persuading exhibitors(cinema operators)to play the film What distributors do: Distribution is the highly competitive business of launching and sustaining films in the market place. Films don’t become talking points, or find their place in the world, by accident. The distributor’s challenge is to bring each one to market by:

9 Identifying its audience: By researching Kidulthood; a film similar to ours which is of the same genre helped us identify our target audience. The UK film council exit polls data showed that out of the 211 people who were surveyed, 158 were under 25 years old and only 58 where older than 25 years old. This helped us decide on our target audience as we wanted to attract similar audience members as Kidulthood as our films are similar in genre and characters. Considering why they’d go and see it: We also decided to choose the age range of 15-24 years of age as our target audience because we thought that people of that age would be more likely to go se our film as they could relate to the narrative and characters more than a 60 year old as our film was based in modern times with modern situations. Developing plans and partnerships to build awareness of and interest in the film: We put in our trailer that ‘BRUV’ was brought ‘from the team how brought you Kidulthood’ as we would like to attract the same audience as Kidulthood. We could have made partnerships with Kidulthood to help promote our film as they are vey similar and this would of helped us promote our film and potentially having Kidulthood audience members come to the cinema to see our film. Aiming to convert as much interest as possible into cinema visits: By having our film on the front cover of EMPIRE; a popular film magazine we were able to reach film fans easily and therefore they would have read about our film and then decided to come to the cinema and watch it. We also created a film poster which we tried to make catchy and we would post them on bus shelters, bill boards and on the internet digitally to try and reach the widest potential audience as possible. By posting our poster and trailer online this, when people would watch it they would tell their friends and family creating an online buzz.

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