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What have you learned from your audience feedback? Danielle Wilkinson.

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1 What have you learned from your audience feedback? Danielle Wilkinson

2  The results from my gender question show it’s 50/50 male and female allowing me to get a better, even set of results. Having a male and female perspective helps me find out what would appeal to both genders.

3  The majority of the age of people I asked are between 15-24 because they are who I have aimed my music video at.  My video is aimed at people between the ages of 15-24 because the song is indie and aimed at a younger ‘hip’ audience and the main characters are young so the audience can associate themselves with these characters and imagine themselves in these situations.

4  The majority of the people who I asked like narrative music videos.  Narrative music videos are the most common genre’s that people like because you get to lose yourself in the music video and imagine yourself in that situation the way you would when watching a film. You end up liking the song more for the sorry told through the video because it fits and helps you understand the song more.

5  Almost everyone I asked said that my video is classed as the narrative genre which is how I designed my video to be so I would say this has been successful.  My video concept was to have a narrative of a couple whose are in love so their actions then amplify the lyrics and I’m glad this has come across well to the audience.

6  From this question I have learned that people like a lot of different aspects of my video which is good because it shows my video can reach a larger audience as something appeals to everyone. The most common thing people liked was the bluish/black and white colour of the video and the old filter. I think this appealed to them because it’s something different that isn’t seen in the mainstream music videos, which fits with it being in the indie genre.  Also they liked the amount of shots I used and thought they were good quality and that it works well with the tempo of the song. This shows that I have managed to make my video follow the conventions of a music video by having it fit the tempo of the song and have the shots matching the style of the song. I was slightly worried about the bridge of colour during the instrumental section of the song but a it went down well because it made sense to the viewer.

7  The main problem with my video was that my narrative was very simple. The narrative was of the couple and their actions where amplifying the lyrics but as a story, it is a bit boring. The bridge of colour in the middle works well to brighten and liven it up and grab your attention but it doesn’t come until close to the end and people wanted more to happen, and I do agree with them.  The other improvement was that some of the shots are a bit shaky which I can agree with as the wind affected a few of my pan shots.

8  Overall everyone thinks my video makes sense which is good and I think my video has definitely been successful in this way because everyone can see what the video is about and how the shots amplify the lyrics.

9  No-one who answered my questionnaire rated my video below 7 when asked how professional it looks which shows that through my camera work and editing skills I have produced a video that fits the standards of normal music videos and follows conventions used to make successful music videos.  My video appeals to a wide variety of people because different elements attract different kind of people which is what I aimed for.

10  From using the same image and bluish filter throughout my ancillary work I have managed to create a relatively obvious link to my video as the image on these products also features in the video, thus creating a successful campaign.  Over all I think my the link between my ancillary products has turned out amazingly well, based on the responses I received from this question, showing I followed the conventions well in creating successful ancillary products that link with the video.

11  The responses here show that, as with my video, my ancillary products have proven to look very professional as no one has rated it below a 6. As my poster and front of my digipak use the same image I have shown a direct link between these two products which is enforced with the video when the scene with this image in it is shown.  I followed the conventions of music poster and digipak’s by having the essential information on them and spacing them out so as to not look to busy. The image is something that is eye-catching and different, fitting the indie genre and having the blue filter also grabs your attention.

12 Conclusion  My results have taught me what people like and dislike about music videos and how I could modify mine to appeal to a wider variety of people. I learned that people like my use of variety of shots and the blue old style filter over the top as its different and indie. I also learnt that although they agree my video falls under the narrative genre, I would need to make the narrative clearer.  Overall I am pleased with my results and finding out what people think my video and ancillary products and how people think they look professional on their own and as a campaign. I am also grateful for the criticisms as it’s taught me what to do in the future and how to know appeal to different people.

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