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Evaluation Question 5. How did you attract/ address your audience? By Liza Saich As Media Varndean College.

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1 Evaluation Question 5. How did you attract/ address your audience? By Liza Saich As Media Varndean College

2 Reaching my target audience As my target audience is young adults/ students, which age group ranges from 18-30, the best way I feel that I could reach my target audience would be through the internet. Having a website primarily for my movie would reach my target audience as I would make sure it would be advertised on social networking sites such as Facebook. Putting the opening title sequence on Youtube is also another way to reach my target audience because it is a very popular website to watch movie clips on. As well as having a personal website I would have a Facebook fan page for my movie where I would post the latest news about my movie and up and coming events. This would reach my target audience on a much larger scale as the majority of the age group is online.

3 Reaching my target audience Another way I would reach my target audience would be to go down the more traditional advertising route. I would put a poster of my movie on a billboard and advertise it on a motorway or near a shopping centre as that is typically where my target audience would see it. As well as billboards I would advertise on posters which I would put up in universities, shopping malls and places where my target audience would go and see it. Television ads are another affective way in which I could advertise my movie. I would place my ad on popular television channels that my target audience watch such as channel 4, comedy central and Dave for example. I would play it late at night as that it typically when my audience would be watching television as during the day they may be at work or university.

4 Reaching my target audience Holding public events is another effective way to advertise my movie. Having test screenings in certain cities in the United Kingdom is a really effective way to reach out to my target audience. Showing a rough cut of your movie before the release date is a good way to gauge how your audience is going to react and usually afterwards you get the audience to answer a questionnaire to see if there are any changes to make before the final release.

5 How will I attract my audience to watch my movie? My movie has many unique selling points. This is a key thing to identify when producing a movie as it makes it stand out from the rest of the movies out at the moment. Having popular actors starring as main characters is a very big and popular unique selling point. For thriller movies in particular having a huge plot twist that turns the movie upside down and makes the audience sit on the edge of their seats is in many thriller films. I have tried to incorporate this into mine. I would say that a huge plot twist is the unique selling point of my movie.

6 Audience Feedback In order to see how our target audience would react to our film we showed in front of a small group of our target audience. We received the following feedback: Affective Mise-en-scene; ‘location fitted the opening title sequence well, it was very eerie’ ‘good make up and costumes’ ‘costumes worked well’ ‘face make-up was very good!’ ‘blood on hands and face added to the genre and idea’ ‘good locations’ ‘really nice use of the dog’ From this feedback it is obvious that we have grasped the aspect of how mise-en-scene when used correctly can work really well. This audience obviously thought that the make up was good and that we chose the right locations. In terms of genre; ‘revealing body parts bit by bit fits the thriller genre’ ‘love the title placement’ ‘the editing fits the genre really well and makes it creepy’ I gathered from this feedback that the audience knew that the genre was thriller and thought that we had complied well within it. Cinematography wise; ‘I liked the use of freezing for the titles to come up and use of blur when walking’ ‘ high exposure –eerie’ ‘building music – tense’ ‘camera shots establishing the character slowly was a nice touch’ ‘good use of blur effects’ ‘tension building sound-track’ ‘I like the logo’ ‘ii also like the way the titles were set out’ ‘the pier was a good place to have the main character walking’ From this feedback it seems that we have succeeded with our titles and editing.

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