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What have you learned from your audience feedback?

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1 What have you learned from your audience feedback?

2  Audience feedback is finding out from viewers about how they feel about your text. There are many ways of obtaining feedback on your text, it can be taken from a huge group of people, by giving them very simple and general questions, most likely resulting in quantitative data. It can also be taken from a smaller, more selective group of people, or even from one specific person in an interview, this data is known as qualitative.  Quantitative data is figures and statistics, usually taken from a large group of people, this data often tells you more general information about your audience, for example, whether the majority of them are male/female, how old they are, their general interests etc.  Qualitative data is more in depth and gives you more complex, exact opinions about your text from people. This information can include things like whether someone from your target audience liked the way you created meaning through text and font in your trailer for example.

3  Questionnaire- can contain both open and closed questions, providing you with a range of different data.  Online- many websites that can provide feedback, such as blogs, YouTube, review websites, usually provides you with personal opinions on your text.  Social networking- able to reach a vast audience, especially effective if your target audience is young, as the majority of people on social networking websites are 18-25.  Interview- very qualitative, in depth information, usually one on one (or small group meetings), very personal.

4  It is very important for the maker of a text to get feedback on their product for several reasons.  One of which is that criticisms from an audience provide excellent space to tweak and improve the text, making the general elements of it stronger or meeting the more specific audience wants and needs.  Another reason why audience feedback is important is that if the release of the text is costly, it could be very money and time efficient to see if the product is suitable for the target audience before releasing it.

5  To determine a focus group for our questionnaire we had to look back on out target audience research, this is because you want your advise and criticisms coming from the intended type of viewers of your text. We thought the perfect group of candidates for our questionnaire are a group of students, varied in gender and aged 18-19. This demographic covers the younger audience that we were seeking and aiming our text towards.

6  Ages 17-19  Which genre did you think the film is?  Thriller: 2  Dystopian: 9  Not Sure: 1  Which certification would you give the film?  12a: 2  15: 6  12: 2  Was there anything that really stood out to you?  Title cards  Music  Title font  Camera work  Bath pod scene  Editing  Was there anything in the trailer that confused you or that you didn’t like?  No  Unsteady camera  Costumes (too modern)  The titles (what they said)  The story, didn’t reveal much

7  How did you feel about the following… Soundtrack  Good: 8  OK: 2  Bad  Don’t know Character representation  Good: 1  OK: 8  Bad:  Don’t know: 1 Cinematography o Good: 6 o OK: 4 o Bad: o Don’t know: Mise-en-scene o Good: 4 o OK: 6 o Bad: o Don’t know: Title cards o Good: 6 o OK: 3 o Bad: o Don’t know: 1

8 - This audience feedback gives us both qualitative and quantitative data to work with to help our product reach our intended audience more successfully. It shows us what we have already done correctly such as meet the specification of the dystopian genre because the majority of results show that it is clear it is of the dystopia genre. It also shows us what it needs to be improved on, such as the answers to the question: Was there anything in the trailer that confused you or that you didn’t like? The answers to this question said;  Unsteady camera  Costumes (too modern)  The titles (what they said)  The story, didn’t reveal much - These results tell us that the Mise-en-scene could be improved on, this advice is also suggested in the Mise-en-scene pie chart shown above. We can also see that from the character representations pie chart that this element could’ve been worked on too. Maybe we could have made our strong, progressive representations of women clearer in the trailer.

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