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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? Jess Moorhouse There are two types of company's that could distribute our film.

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1 What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? Jess Moorhouse There are two types of company's that could distribute our film a mainstream distribution company or a independent film distribution company. Distribution company's share films, get them in to cinemas and create the marketing campaign. Depending on the company distributing it will change where our film is shown for example picture house or the Odeon.

2 MainstreamIndependent Smaller films with less emphasis on special effects and extravagant locations. Made on a much smaller budget. Big stars and made on a big budget. Use of effects and possibly 3D. Character driven storylines. Sometimes a more real life story line for example kidulthood which focuses on the life of poor people of Briton. Attracts a wide audience. Focuses on the cini-literal audience. More likely to have sequels. Liberty Films UK This is the main distribution company for the die hard series. Moon is quite similar to our film in the fact that it only really has one character and the robot because of this liberty films might distribute our film. Much bigger marketing campaign with stars on TV shows.

3 From the evidence it is clear that our film would be distributed by an independent film distribution company because from what was discussed in question 4 our target audience is the cini-literal youth. Our film is made on a very low budget a mainstream distribution company might be put off by this. Also it focuses mainly on the issues created by mental heath and how it can effect peoples lives these deep issues are common with in independent films. According to their website “Lionsgate is the leading independent filmed entertainment studio” they distributed the film buried which is a thriller with only one actor and other voice actors this focuses on his struggle to survive. These similarities might make them want to distribute our film. Also distributes independent films as well as mainstream films. If they did distribute our film it would be easier to get it on TV as they have a TV channel.

4 Our film was made in Brighton a city which has a lot of independent film. There are two independent cinemas and a film festival. The distribution company that decides to distribute our film could utilise this because having the film being kept local to begin with could appeal to the large film community in Brighton. Also the film festival shows many different low budget films and this is a inexpensive way of marketing. After a short period of this they could use the feedback from this and distribute it to the wider audience by; Going strait to DVD. Other Independent cinema. This is a cheep option and is common of independent films it means anyone can buy it so its accessible to a wide audience however it would be relatively unknown. Distributing to the rest of the UK thorough other picture house cinemas means that our target audience across the contrary get the opportunity to watch our film.

5 How did you attract your audience? Our target audience are young cini-literal people. They would be up to date with new ‘underground’ films. Also that age range is with the internet, Facebook, YouTube, tumbler, and blogs. These medias would be utilised in attracting the audience instead of a traditional marketing campaign we would use bloggers and other social media to promote our film. Our target audience is aimed part of a community of internet users so this would be the most effective way to get people to watch our film. An independent film distributer would distribute and attract our audience. Social Media Another way we could attract our audience would be to do star interviews. Our film is very low budget so the stars of our film are not very well known it would be unlikely that a TV show would want an interview instead we could have YouTube interviews with well known you tubers which would be more likely to want an interview. That way we could get up too a million views from people who could be interested in our film.

6 As mentioned before we could release our film in the Brighton film festival or just in Brighton for a short amount of time. Another ‘test screening’ would be to use slackers club which is a club run by e4 where students, who obviously care about film, join and they get to watch a free film each month at a picture house cinema. This would be a great way of raising awareness for our film because the slackers club would promote the film and the people who watched it free could tell their friends of the same age range about the film. This would be perfect because the people in slackers club are our target audience.

7 Finally we would create posters that can be put in to newspapers and bus shelters if we also get positive feedback from an older audience that would pay attention to this type of advertising more. Our unique selling point is having only one character. The entire film is in our characters head. This is relatively new and interesting with a similar films being Buried. Which a film with only one actor however that has only one location and is dull. Our film will be more complex and interesting for the audience.

8 Audience Feedback We got feedback from people who enjoy watching films. We used this feedback to understand how the audience reacted to our opening title sequence. Around the age of 17 which is our target audience. How people fade in and out remind me of ghosts which create a thriller feel which creates a thriller feel. Eerie music makes it creepy. This opening title sequence is obviously thriller as small children and dolls, which sometimes doesn't work, works really well in this case. I like the production logo. The music gives a very creepy effect. I like the way you inverted the scene in the bathroom. Good use of fade and video layers builds tension. Fading in and out of characters was nice. Childish music – creepy. Screams are thrilling. Genre

9 Good use of negative filter. The see through editing and speeding up/down works really well. Could of made scenes darker for effect. Music goes well with pace of the shots. Love the mirror clown bit. Used a variety of shots/ locations. Make up was good. Nice eerie music, nice titles. I like the images fading out and the flash of colours. Doll as a prop adds to the eerie feel. Good locations. Make up was good eerie. I love the strobe effect and the use of make up. The cross dissolve when walking is good and the negatives. The close ups of the children's face and dolls face are good. Music fits well fits use of sound. The way people fade in and out is cool and makes it look well spooky. Also the way the colour changes to white makes it look scary. Mise en scene Technical aspects The feedback we got is majorly positive showing that we created a opening title sequence that appeals to our target audience.

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