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Evaluation question 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? By Eleanor Wright.

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1 Evaluation question 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? By Eleanor Wright

2 Evaluation Question 1 To promote our film we used three forms of communication for our target audience. We used a trailer, magazine and poster. Trailer Link: com/watch?v=GqD10 4z6AhI

3 Evaluation Question 1 We used a film trailer so we could advertise our film in a different ways and platforms. As this is one of the main ways films promote themselves and it is one of the most effective ways to do it as people get to see what your film is like and what it is about. We could advertise it on TV, internet and in cinema. The genre of our film and trailer is crime. The conventions of crime films we wanted too use was more of the conventions from 1940’s and 1950’s crime films as we wanted to use a film noir aspect in our trailer and film. Studios used to copy the1930s dark lighting and minimal sets and updated the themes to reflect a more sinister side of life, and as our film was a crime film and the narrative of it was quite dark and dismal we thought this would be a good aspect to have in our trailer. Also the fact one of our main influences for our trailer was Brighton rock and that was made in the film noir time. We did this by making our lighting much darker and filming at night. Also in editing we made some scenes black and white to help show this film noir feel to our trailer. However we did go against one convention of those films which was that mainly they have a ‘hero’ character that is male but we wanted to go against that and have our hero as a female this gave our trailer a postmodern feel to it.

4 Evaluation Question 1 Our trailer does have the three act structure as well which is a big convention in trailers. The three act structure obviously has three parts, first is equilibrium, where every thing is normal, second is disequilibrium where some thing changes for the worse and finally is resolution where normality is restored. This is the three act structure for our trailer. Act 1 – Equilibrium: Main characters are introduced. Learning about their backstories. Find out that they are detectives. Going to the scene of the first murder, nothing out of the ordinary. Act 2 – Disequilibrium: Second Murder happens. Work out that there is more than one killer. Body count begins to rise, Detectives are on edge, tense. They catch the female killer and think things are over. Act 3 – Resolution/ New Equilibrium: Vera works out that Chris is the other killer and confronts him on a roof top. Standoff. Chris jumps off the roof knowing the standoff would only end badly for him. Vera feels like she has lost her only family.

5 Evaluation Question 1 Our main influences for our trailer, was older films like the older version of Brighton rock made in 1947. This was an influence because of the film noir aspect of the film. This made us think about how we can get this aspect of film noir in our trailer. This makes our trailer from this inspiration more postmodern because of Pastiche this is when a film is deliberately made in the style of some other film. The Mise-en-Scene and setting means a lot for a film and we decided, like Brighton Rock, to use “Brighton” in our title and to set it in Brighton using things like the pier like they used in Brighton Rock. Another way it inspirited our trailer was the costumes the fact we put our main characters in suits and that the three characters we used are well dressed like the 1940’s but a little more modern so this affected our mise-en-sen. Another film that was an influence to our trailer was Se7en made in 1995. it influenced us in our characters in our trailer. In our film like in Se7en the Detectives become partners for one case, and they are opposing characters, one is younger less experienced and Scruffy and unorganised in appearance and the other is older very experienced, smartly dressed, ordered and neat and this creates a strange bond between them.

6 Evaluation Question 1 our other two products were our poster and magazine cover. These are good ways to advertise films further. as they get reach your target audience very easily. Posters can be advertised on bus stops and used on billboards and magazines like total film and empire can reach people that specifically like films a lot. On our poster to convey what our film was like to people we decided to make it black and white this was to show the film noir aspect of our film. And to show where our film is set I used a background of a photo on the pier, so that not only do we have Brighton in the name of our film on the poster in big letters but also we have a iconic view in Brighton. But as we have this film noir theme to our trailer so we used old ‘ typewriter’ like font to fit this as the title of the film being shown is important and a big convention on film posters. For our magazine cover we did two one was more of a bigger, more conventional film magazine which was Empire and the other one we used was Little White Lies which is more of a independent film magazine. We ended up using the empire magazine cover as we thought that this would show our film off to more people as it is a more well known magazine. We used things that are conventional of film magazines like having a photo of our main character quite big this is so if you have a famous actor or actress in your film this will advertise that. Also using big and bright fonts make it easier for people to see things like the title of your film which is important and it catches peoples eyes and interest.

7 Evaluation Question 1 This is how I developed my poster and magazine.

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