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CLASS ORIENTATION MGMT 464 Project Management Spring 2014.

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1 CLASS ORIENTATION MGMT 464 Project Management Spring 2014

2 CONTACT INFORMATION Instructor: Dr. K. Snyder Office: 321B Somsen Phone: 507.457.5173 Email: Response time: emails within 24-48 hrs except on weekends; assignments will be graded within 1 week after due date; Exceptions are the last two assignments of Belt Project and Final Exam. Office hours: Mon. and Wed. 10 am – 1 pm; Thurs. 12:30 pm-3pm.; walk-ins welcome; by appt.

3 MGMT 464 PROJECT MANAGEMENT To have a positive and successful experience in this course you must :  Attend lecture regularly.  Read the material assigned and pay attention to examples given in class.  Complete homework on time, I DONOT ACCEPT LATE HOMEWORK.  Do not start homework at the last minute.  Spend a minimum of 3 hours studying per week. Class policy, schedule, and slides are located on my website (I do not use D2L.):   The class policy is where key course information is found like course objectives, grading policy, and homework policy.  The schedule will provide you with important information assignments, when it is due, and guide you through the course.

4 TEXTBOOK MGMT 464 Custom Book This textbook is a combination of three textbooks and only the chapters I use for this class.  Managing Projects: A Team-based approach by Brown and Hyer  Effective Group Discussion: Theory and practice by Galanes and Adams  Project Management by Larson and Gray

5 SOFTWARE REQUIRED Adobe Acrobat XI Pro  This is free and found through Control Panel>Get programs Microsoft Project Pro 2013  This is free and found through the DreamSpark Hub where you will download the software and also obtain the Product ID key. Here is the signin screen for DreamSpark  0030487d8897&vsro=8&rurl=%2fWebStore%2fWelcome.aspx%3fvsro%3d8%26ws%3d190F BB0D-BE9B-E011-969D-0030487D8897&JSEnabled=1 0030487d8897&vsro=8&rurl=%2fWebStore%2fWelcome.aspx%3fvsro%3d8%26ws%3d190F BB0D-BE9B-E011-969D-0030487D8897&JSEnabled=1  You must be logged into the WSU network with a WIRED connection to download this software.  Instructions are in the WSU WIKI links: (do in order)  1.  2.

6 HOW DO I? How do I combine multiple files into one PDF file? How do I do a print Screen shot? How do I find and fill out a Memo format?  Open Microsoft Word  File>New>Memo choose a format

7 ADVISING, CAREER, TUTORING AND ACCESS SERVICES If you have a documented disability that requires accommodation, please let me know as soon as possible. If you suspect you may have a disability, you are encouraged to contact Access Services as soon as possible by email or by phone Advising – phone: 507.457.5878, Tutoring – phone: 507.457.5680, Career Services – phone: 507.457.5878,


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