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MGS 351 Introduction to Management Information Systems

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1 MGS 351 Introduction to Management Information Systems
Lecture #1

2 Agenda Introduction Recitation Policies UBlearns Course Website
Attendance Homework Grading Cheating UBlearns Discussion board Course Website Syllabus Software Lecture notes Homework assignments E-Assign Homework #1 Database in the Workplace

3 Introduction TA Recitation: Laura Wanerka Occurs Weekly
1st year MBA student Marketing & Consulting Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 11:00 – 12:00 PM Office: Jacobs 287 Recitation: Occurs Weekly Attendance is mandatory Covers Homework help Covers Project work Provides group time In-class exercises 2 quizzes WE DO NOT COVER TEST MATERIAL

4 Recitation Policies Attendance (3 points) MANDATORY
Can miss 1 class per semester (with no penalty) Less than 5 minutes late Minus 1 point, receive 2 points for class More than 5 minutes late Minus 2 points, receive 1 point for class Attendance credit Factored in to the overall 10 point recitation grade

5 Recitation (HW policies)
Homework is graded as follows: Two parts Guided Exercise (10-30%) & Applied Exercise (70-90%) Must complete BOTH Submission Access Database files: Submitted to E-ASSIGN ONLY Guided Exercise questions: In recitation or via to Due BEFORE recitation starts (Time stamp will be looked at) CLOSE DATABASE before trying to attach and send database (or it will be a locked database file) ie .laccdb

6 Recitation Policies Grading All TA’s follow SAME rubric
Every effort made to make grading equal Grades will be posted approximately ONE WEEK after submission Students have two weeks to ask for a re-grade

7 HW Help Use Homework Help files/powerpoint
I will go over homework hints the week before homework is due. Use Homework Help files/powerpoint Posted on MGS 351 course website If you still need help, you can me (see next slides on how) or come to office hours. Or ask me in class the week BEFORE homework is due Also try F1 (Microsoft Access Help) before ing me When in doubt, GOOGLE it!

8 Recitation Policies Email Email subject line must reflect course
MGS 351 Recitation # PLEASE include your recitation section and name somewhere in the

9 Recitation Policies Cheating Do not cheat Constitutes as:
Using other students’ e-assign files Using old students’ files Having other people do your homework for you See University at Buffalo’s academic policy If you submit an assignment & receive a 0: I will not approach you Approach me only if you believe there was a mistake If you get caught twice, we will pursue UB’s official policies for cheating

10 UBlearns Can access from myUB Link to course website Announcements Link to course website Announcements Discussion board YOU MUST Subscribe to my discussion board (Laura’s Students) Please read the documents I post; they will help you with your homework questions and lab questions Lecture videos

11 Group Pages Contact group members (email or post discussion)
Post files in file exchange See TIDB activity pages (pp.84-85) We will do this next week

12 UBlearns Discussion Board
Added this week: Laura’s MGS 351 Lab syllabus Lecture #1 Registering for E-Assign Examples of Database Use in the Workplace

13 Course Website Professor Murray’s MGS 351 LECTURE Syllabus Software
“How do I get the free Microsoft software from UB” Team Information Database (for activity in your Access textbook) Lecture notes Homework Help Lab Activities/other homework Lecture & Lab Resources Project Requirements Project Help

14 E-Assign Register & Log on to
This is not the course website Used to SUBMIT individual student homework 1-5 To Register onto E-Assign you Need: Website Access (bought from Course code (found on Professor Murray’s syllabus) Correct Recitation section (see your UB schedule) UBIT name

15 Getting your Homework files from E-Assign
See registering for E-Assign document on my UBlearns discussion board Download & save custom student homework files from E-Assign

16 How is Homework Graded? (2 parts)
1. Database file with both Guided Exercises and Applied Exercises Use only Access 2013 software on your computer Due before class starts Submitted (uploaded to E-Assign) Save HW to flash drive/external hard drive BEFORE CLASS (just in case) having issues submitting homework 2. Guided Exercise Question sheet (end of Chapter guided exercise questions in Access 2013 textbook) Hard copy due in lab the day the homework is due Or type and attach to -

17 E-Assign Homework Submission
Submit files onto E-assign BEFORE your recitation section on due date; upload only ONE file at a time Double check that your file was submitted correctly by going back and re- downloading the file you just submitted (ALWAYS DO THIS!) If you are getting a submission error, try to upload the file again later Acceptable Browsers to submit homework on: Internet Explorer Mozilla Chrome May submit same homework multiple times on E-assign BUT: Only the most recently uploaded and on-time file is graded

18 E-Assign New homework submission system, so give yourself time to submit. If technical difficulty arises, you will have time to fix it. Worst case scenario: Notify me BEFORE LAB ( me) that you cannot submit your homework file on time Also send me a screen shot of the submission error on E-Assign you are having This is the only exception for homework submission I will allow

19 Important – Page Numbers
The syllabus notes page numbers for different assignments and homework These page numbers refer to the ACTUAL PRINTED number on the page of the e-book, NOT the page that you PDF reader says you are on

20 Complete by Next Lab Register & Pay for E-Assign
Download homework #1-5 student files for the semester Skim pages in textbook Read lab syllabus Quiz next week

21 Homework #1 Chapters 1 & 2 from Microsoft Access 2013 Textbook
Do all Guided and Applied Exercises in those chapters Takes at least an hour to complete. Give yourself AT LEAST 2-3 hours to complete You must do Guided Exercise BEFORE Applied Exercise Try to do assignment in order of numbered steps. If you get stuck, me/come to office hours Answer guided exercise questions or print out answers to questions

22 Homework #1 Due: Thursday Recitation: September 11, 2014
Friday Recitation: September 12, 2014 See Homework #1 Help on MGS 351 course website

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