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1 Software Systems Development CEN 4023 001 Spring 2011 TR 12:30 PM – 1:45 PM ENB 116 Instructor:Dr. Rollins Turner Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering.

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1 1 Software Systems Development CEN 4023 001 Spring 2011 TR 12:30 PM – 1:45 PM ENB 116 Instructor:Dr. Rollins Turner Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering ENB 336 813-974-1079 Office Hours: MW 1:00 – 3:00 PM (OK to drop in any time)

2 2 Course Objectives You will be able to: Develop small object oriented programs for Windows PCs with the customary look and feel of a Windows application. Perform simple database operations in a Windows program. Utilize web services in a Windows program. Do simple network operations in a Windows program. Use Microsoft Visual Studio for programming, debugging, and UI design.

3 3 Textbook Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Step by Step John Sharp Microsoft Press 2008

4 4 Grading: Midterm Exam (Lab)30% Final Exam (Lab)30% Projects40% Exams missed for a legitimate reason can and must be made up. Consult me, in advance when possible, to arrange makeup exam. Provide written documentation of cause of absence. (e.g., letter from doctor) Exams and Grading

5 5 Letter Grades 90 – 100A 80 – 89B 70 – 79C 60 – 69D < 60F No “+” or “-” grades will be issued. Numerical average will be rounded to nearest integer..5 rounded up

6 66 University Policies Procedures for Alleged Academic Dishonesty or Disruption Of Academic Process: See current undergraduate catalog Page 59 and following.

7 77 Accommodations Disabilities Students in need of academic accommodations for a disability may consult with the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities to arrange appropriate accommodations. Please inform me if there is a need for alternate format for documents or a note taker. Religious Observances Students who anticipate the necessity of being absent from class due to a major religious observance must provide notice of the date (or dates) to me, in writing, by the second class meeting. Athletic Events Students who must miss an exam due to participating in a varsity athletic event should contact me two weeks in advance in order to make alternative arrangements.

8 88 Departmental Policies All students enrolled in courses taught by the Computer Science and Engineering Department are advised that unless an instructor specifies otherwise, all work done in homework, programming, or exams must be the result of a student’s individual effort. Students who copy, or who provide material for others, or who show dishonesty in their work as described in the university catalog, will be subject to disciplinary action, typically the receipt of a failing grade in the course, but also possible academic dismissal from the program.

9 9 Course Policies Programming projects will be graded. You may work with one other student on each project. If you work as a pair: Submit only one copy of the program. Include both names in Blackboard submission comments. Other student submit just a Blackboard comment Both students are expected to understand the program in detail.

10 10 Course Policies Projects must be submitted on time. Late projects will not be accepted, get an automatic 0. No replacements or substitutions after the deadline. Don't post assignments on the Internet Don't ask for help on Internet forums.

11 11 Course Policies It is OK to discuss projects with other students, but outright copying is not acceptable. Don’t copy anyone else’s work. Don’t let anyone copy your work. Penalty: 0 for the project. Reduction of one letter grade for the course.

12 12 Course Policies Attendance will not be taken after the first class. Attendance will not be a direct factor in grades. But class attendance is highly recommended. You may not sell notes or tapes of class lectures. OK to give them away!

13 13 Slides from some lectures will be available on the class web site: Also on class web site: Examples Project solutions Not all material covered in class will be on slides. Class Web Site

14 14 Blackboard ( ) will be used for all program submissions. Grades posted there also. Feedback in the form of annotated source files. Be sure you can log in and can find this class under the Courses tab. USF email will be used for messages to students. Be sure you can receive messages sent to your official USF email address. Check your email regularly. Don’t let backlog exceed your quota. Welcome message will be sent out as a test. Communications

15 15 Course Schedule T11-Jan-11Week 1Introduction to C# (Ch 1 - 5) R13-Jan-11 Handling Errors and Exceptions (Ch 6) T18-Jan-11Week 2Object Oriented Programming in C# (Ch 7) R20-Jan-11 Values and References (Ch 8) T25-Jan-11Week 3Enumerations and Structs (Ch 9) R27-Jan-11 Windows Forms T1-Feb-11Week 4Windows Forms R3-Feb-11 Arrays (Ch 10) T8-Feb-11Week 5Generic Collections (Ch 18) R10-Feb-11 Inheritance and Polymorphism (Ch 12) T15-Feb-11Week 6Interfaces and Abstract Classes (Ch 13) R17-Feb-11 Text Files and String Processing T22-Feb-11Week 7Menus and Dialogs R24-Feb-11 Windows Graphics T1-Mar-11Week 8Windows Printing R3-Mar-11 Midterm Exam (Lab)

16 16 Course Schedule T8-Mar-11Week 9Introduction to Databases R10-Mar-11 Working with MS SQL Server T15-Mar-11 Spring Break R17-Mar-11 T22-Mar-11Week 10Introduction to ADO.NET (Ch 25) R24-Mar-11 Database Access Operations (Ch 25) T29-Mar-11Week 11Database Access Operations (Ch 25) R31-Mar-11 Joins T5-Apr-11Week 12Data Binding and Datasets (Ch 26) R7-Apr-11 T12-Apr-11Week 13Using Web Services R14-Apr-11 Using Web Services T19-Apr-11Week 14Threads in C# R21-Apr-11 T26-Apr-11Week 15Network Communications in C# R28-Apr-11 Network Communications in C# Sun1-May-11 Final Exam 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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