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CST 229 Introduction to Grammars Dr. Sherry Yang Room 213 (503) 821-1292.

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1 CST 229 Introduction to Grammars Dr. Sherry Yang Room 213 (503) 821-1292

2 2 Week 1 ä Introduction ä Instructor ä Getting to know each other ä Course Syllabus / Content ä Course Webpage ä Basic discrete math concepts ä In-Class Exercise #1 ä Homework#1 due next Thursday at beginning of class.

3 3 Course Description ä ä The concepts involving alphabet words and languages will be discussed. Related topics in automata and regular expression will be explored. Emphasis is on context free grammars, parse tree and parsing techniques. ä ä PREREQUISITES:CST 211, CST 223

4 4 Lectures & Office Hours ä Lecture ä Thursdays 6-8:50pm ä Office Hours: ä Thursdays 4-6pm ä Other times by appointment. ä Please email me if you have questions or need to see me. (Email is the best way to reach me)

5 5 Evaluation Methods The final grade, which may range from A to F, is determined by a composite evaluation of the student's performance in: 2 Tests40% Labs& Homework50% In-Class Exercises 10% Final 20%** ** Optional Final. It will replace one of your test grades.

6 6 Grading Your grade will be calculated as follows:* 90%+ = A 80%+ = B 70%+ = C 60%+ = D 59%- = F * Class participation will be considered in evaluating "borderline" grades.

7 7 Textbook ä ä Required Text ä ä Cohen, Daniel, Introduction to Computer Theory 2nd. edition, John Wiley & Sons, 1997.

8 8 Student Responsibilities ä Lecture Attendance: ä Students are expected to attend all class sessions. If you know you will be absent on a certain day, please inform the instructor in advance so arrangements can be made to provide you with the material covered. Please make every effort to attend all class sessions. There will be no make up in-class exercises. ä No cell phones & texting.

9 9 Student Responsibilities ä ä Tests and Final Exam: ä ä All tests are open book, open notes. No electronic devices are allowed. ä ä There will be no make up tests unless there is an emergency. If you miss a test for any reason, you can take an optional final to make it up. No excuses are necessary. ä ä In case of emergency, please contact Abbie Allen. She will inform all of your instructors.

10 10 ä Academic Dishonesty: ä No plagiarism or cheating is allowed in this class. Please refer to your student handbook regarding policies on academic dishonesty. A copy of the policy is posted on the class webpage. ä It is okay to get help on your assignments. Please acknowledge all source of help, including them in the program documentation as appropriate. Student Responsibilities

11 11 ä ä Homework & Labs: ä ä All homework assignments are due at the beginning of class on the due date. ä ä All labs are due via email by midnight on the due date. You must follow the assignment submission guidelines below. Student Responsibilities

12 12 Homework Submission Guidelines ä There is a 20% penalty for late homework. ä Homework assignments more than a week late will not be accepted.

13 13 Lab Submission Guidelines ä ä All labs for this class must be written in C++. ä ä All labs are due via email by midnight on the due date. The instructor will send out an email upon receiving your lab. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours of submitting the lab, it is YOUR responsibility to contact the instructor by email or phone. If you do not contact the instructor within 48 hours after the due date, the lab is considered late or unacceptable. ä ä There will be a 20% penalty per week for late labs.

14 14 Lab Submission Guidelines 1. Zip up all files required to build the lab. 2. Include a “Readme” file as appropriate. 3. The archive should also include any other deliverables as called out in the assignment write-up (e.g. design documents, project write-ups, etc.). 4. The archive will be attached to an email with subject line:CST229 Lab #x – first name last name Email the archive to &

15 15 Accommodations for Students with Disabilities If you have a disability and feel that you may need accommodation in this course, please speak with the instructor as soon as possible.

16 16 What is this class all about? ä ä What exactly are we learning in this class? ä ä Communications, Communications, Communications ä ä Theory of Computation ä ä What’s computable? ä ä How do we tell it to the machine? ä ä Languages

17 17 3 main components ä ä Language (formal language) ä ä Notations and descriptions ä ä Machine (abstract machine) ä ä Recognition of alphabet, words and sentences of the language. ä ä Grammar ä ä Notations and descriptions of the syntax of the language

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