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Welcome to CS 115! Introduction to Programming. Class URL

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1 Welcome to CS 115! Introduction to Programming

2 Class URL

3 Personnel Nick Mattei  Office Hours – TBA  EE Annex 102 and 202  Email – Dr. Debby Keen  Office hours – use them!  MW 10:10am – 12pm, T 1-2, 3-4pm, R 1-4pm  Robotics (CRMS) (Center for Manufacturing) 229 or RGAN Commons  Email –

4 Thank you very much!!

5 Laptop Policies Lecture  Studies show most students with laptops open in front of them are NOT paying attention to the lecture  IF you insist on using a laptop in lecture, you MUST sit in the very BACK row of the classroom, so that you distract only yourself and not other students Lab  For regular lab sessions you can use your own laptop  For Lab TEST sessions, you MUST use the University machines – laptops are not allowed

6 Textbook and Supplies Students are responsible for material in chapters that are listed in schedule and covered in lectures Lecture tests are closed note, closed book Lab tests are open note, open book

7 For Attendance – on a loose sheet Write your NAME Write the DATE Write your SECTION AND...

8 GOALS - write them down 1.What are your goals for this class? That is, what do you want to learn? 2.How much time do you expect to spend on this class OUTSIDE of lecture and lab time?

9 Goals Activity - continued SHARE your list with a neighbor and ADD to it if you like COMPARE your list with the one from the syllabus Turn in your card at the end of class by laying it on your section number at the front of the room

10 The student will be able to Design and implement well-written programs in C++ to solve problems, using the principles of structured programming Use simple data structures: strings and arrays Implement some sorting and searching algorithms Use objects of predefined class types: filestreams, strings Identify and discuss professional responsibilities and ethical concerns of programmers

11 Experience in Programming This class assumes NO experience in programming It does assume some experience with computers and Windows  copying files, printing  navigating paths  zipping files together If you HAVE a lot of programming experience, have you considered the BYPASS exam?

12 Your Grade is Based on: Quizzes & Lecture Attendance 10% Lab Assignments 10% Programming Assignments 25% Two Exams during the semester 25% Two Lab Tests 5% each Final Exam (Comprehensive) 20%

13 Attendance Required at All Lectures  taken at random by 3x5 cards, cooperative activities, quizzes Required at All Lab sessions  counts for a portion of lab points only "UK excuses" accepted  death in family, illness, school trips, religious holidays – H1N1 with clinic slip IS excused!  Give Nick you documentation!

14 Class Locations Lecture  FPAT 263 (here, Wed) Lab section  Ralph G. Anderson Bldg, RGAN 103 is the lab classroom Office Hours  Dr. Keen’s office Robotics (Center for Manufacturing) 229  RGAN Commons – Dr. Keen  Multilab (Electricial Engineering Annex 202) – TAs  RGAN 102 – some TAs

15 Due Dates/Times Labs - Demo Dates, Turn in completed work electronically Labs are NOT accepted more than 10 HOURS late! Programs – turn in electronically Programs have a late penalty of 10% for every school day late, up to 5 school days

16 Plagiarism / Cheating “Getting an unfair academic advantage"  using other people's code as your own  attempt to make code appear to work when it does not NO assistance from someone else on Lab or Lecture tests Only talk in GENERAL TERMS about program assignments, not specifics Do NOT "work together" on a program

17 Cheating, cont'd Do NOT show your source code to any other student - Protect your source code! If you talk to anyone outside the class, do not let anyone "inject code" into your program! YOU are the one who is writing it! Penalties START with a zero on the assignment and a LETTER in your permanent file! UK Policy is followed

18 Cooperative Work On the other hand!  “Talk to your neighbor” or cooperative activities in lectures  Lab assignments – you will have a lab partner and turn in work with them

19 Accommodation Please tell myself or Dr. Keen about it if you have a letter - as soon as possible! Letters are not retroactive! We can arrange both lecture and lab tests to be accommodated

20 Software we will use Alice  (Carnegie Mellon U) (free) Visual Studio Team System 2008  MSDNAA –download it  Engineering students get for free  See Dr. Keen if you can’t get it downloaded

21 What to do next Read Chapter 1 of textbook Work on Lab 1  Make sure your University account is activated  Do the Knowledge Survey and send email, visit Dr. Keen’s office No Labs this week, Labs DO start on Monday August 31!

22 Today's Exit Have your NAME, DATE, SECTION, and GOALS on the 3x5 card Bring your card to the front and lay it on the number of your section Don't forget to do it or you will lose attendance credit!

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