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CS 46101–600/CS56101-002 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Dr. Angela Guercio Spring 2010.

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1 CS 46101–600/CS56101-002 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Dr. Angela Guercio Spring 2010

2 Instructor Angela Guercio Office: 424, Main Hall Phone: 330 244 3424 (KSU ext 53424) Best way to contact me: Office Hours: MW 11:00am - 12:00pm 4:00pm – 6:00pm other times are available by appointment

3 The Syllabus: the Webpage Class web page o 0/CS46101Sp10.html 0/CS46101Sp10.html o or simply reach and select your course Check the page regularly! Assignments, Deadlines, Communications about the class are there!

4 The Syllabus: The Textbook Introduction to Algorithms, 3/E, Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein, The MIT Press, 2009, ISBN: 978-0- 262-03384-8. Other reading material will be given or suggested in class

5 The Syllabus: Grading Assignments (3 - 5) 40% Midterm Exams (2) 40% Final Exam20%

6 The Syllabus: Grading Total percentage earned GradeTotal percentage earned Grade 93 - 100%A80 - 82%B- 90 - 92%A-70 – 79%C 87 - 89%B+66 – 69%D 83 - 86%B65% and below F

7 Assignments and Exams 3-5 Homework and Pop Quizzes 2 Exams (100 points each) Final Exam (100 points) No Make-up exams Except in extreme case and only if I have been notified prior the exam has been issued

8 Homework Late Penalty: 10% per day No late assignment accepted after the assignment is graded and returned. You may discuss the interpretation of the assignment with your classmates, however you may not discuss possible solutions. Copied solution of an individual assignment will receive a zero grade NO HAND WRITTEN HW ACCEPTED. e-mail HW accepted WITH printed copy for grading.

9 The Syllabus: Requirements Class attendance is required. If you miss a class, let me know ahead of time if you miss more than 4 classes without a documented reason or without making prior arrangements with me, your final grade will be dropped one grade (A to B, B+ to C+ and so on). You are responsible for bringing yourself up-to- date on class material and assignments Reading material before class is required

10 The Syllabus: Important Dates Last day to drop the class: without W grade: Jan 31 with W grade: April 4 Exam 1: Mon., Feb 22 Exam 2: Mon., March 22 Final Exam: Wed., May 12 (6pm-8pm) Spring Recess: March 29 - April 4 Classes End: May 8, 2010

11 The Syllabus: Other Information Academic Honesty Policy Cheating or plagiarism is considered a serious academic offense and will result in receiving a failing grade for the work of the course. Repeated offenses result in dismissal from the University. Code of Conduct As indicated in The Digest of Rules and Regulations that you can find in the University Telephone directory.

12 Students with Disabilities for accommodations contact the disability coordinator on campus, Kelly Kulick in Student Accessibility Services, located in the Student Success Center, lower level of the Campus Center, phone (330) 244-5047, or Emergency In case of an emergency please contact the security on campus. Security phone on campus: #53123 Security cell phone (330) 705-0430 or, of course, 911. I recommend that you program into your cell phone the previous numbers.

13 Overview of the course Introduction to algorithmic concepts design and complexity analysis of algorithms searching sorting graphs geometric, algebraic and parallel algorithms. Key concepts: divide-and-conquer, sorting, dynamic programming, greedy algorithms, graph algorithms, NP-completeness.

14 Expected outcomes: By the end of the course you should be able to design appropriate algorithms for complex problems and analyze the complexity of algorithms.

15 Tentative Outline of the Course WeekTopic Week 1Introduction - Growth of Functions Week 2Divide-and-Conquer Week 3Heapsort - Quicksort Week 4Linear Time Sorting Week 5Review of Data Structures - Hash Tables Week 6Binary Search Trees - Red-Black Trees Week 7Dynamic Programming Week 8Greedy Algorithms Week 9B-Trees Week 10Graph Algorithms Week 11Minimum Spanning Trees Week 12Matrix Operations Week 13String Matching Week 14NP-Completeness Week 15Approximation Algorithms

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