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A HERO’S JOURNEY By: Lindsay Romero

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1 A HERO’S JOURNEY By: Lindsay Romero

2 The story begins with Dorothy living a boring and depressing life.
The Ordinary World The story begins with Dorothy living a boring and depressing life. This is where the hero’s home environment where his friends and family are located. The story starts here so that the separation stands out.

3 Call To Adventure Dorothy is looking for excitement but soon finds herself in in as she is swept away from her world by a tornado. In the call to adventure the hero outgrows her old world. Everything is no longer is the same.

4 Refusal to the Call Before Dorothy is picked up by the wind, Professor Marvel persuades her to refuse the call and return home. He shows the many dangers of the journey. Forces cause Dorothy into an adventure when and is brought to Oz. Often the hero feels that she has it "too good" and refuses to give up all that they currently have. This often results in the hero being forced to move on.

5 Crossing the Threshold
Dorothy is now out of Kansas and she is in Oz. Dorothy now sets out on the yellow brick road and begins her adventures. The hero ventures into an unknown world which breaks tradition, and the hero meets some dangerous presence.

6 Belly of The Whale Dorothy is joined by people that she meets. Her new friends are the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and Lion. She makes enemies with the rude talking trees in the orchard and the witch. She passes a number of tests - freeing Scarecrow from the nail, helping Cowardly Lion deal with his fear, and oiling Tin Soldier. Once the hero has crossed the threshold, her old world is destroyed. She moves into a world of darkness (the belly of the whale) and will not come out until she is ready to return. Often times there will be a "deepest part" to the belly.

7 Road of Trials The mean tree orchards wont let Dorothy go through the forest, monkeys try to delay their quest to the witch, and flowers that mask you tired and the guards in the place of the witch are all set-up for the road of trials. Hero experiences miraculous tests or ordeals on the road of trials. There are usually several incidents that affect the hero at this point. The hero will appear weak and vulnerable, but he/she will also begin to show growth.

8 The Meeting of the Godess
When she meets the Good witch Glenda and she gives her the shoes, Dorothy has met the Godess. Also when Good Witch helps Dorothy win and not the bad witch. Dorothy can now continue on her journey. • The hero meets a "goddess" that shows him/her what perfection is truly like. The hero witnesses all that can be accomplished and often times, his/her mission becomes much clearer. The goddess encourages the hero to continue.

9 Meeting With the Temptress
When Dorothy is trying to get to the wizard and gets stuck in the sleepy flowers and when Dorothy meets the witch in the beginning and she tries to take her shoes is when she meets with the temptress. The hero meets a presence that attempts to destroy the hero's mission. Often the temptress is sent by the evil forces working against the hero in order to try to stop the hero.

10 Atonement with father When Dorothy starts to forget about going home and decides to help out her friends and helps all her friends accomplish their dreams and fears. • Father symbolizes judgment; the hero overcomes fear, judgment, and mental blocks that may have been holding him/her back.

11 Apotheosis Dorothy is Kidnapped by the Wicked Witch and taken to her castle. Her friends all face their fears and use all their talents to help save her. Dorothy than overcomes the witch and destroys her with water and than is able to return to the wizard of oz . • The hero is in a divine, god-like state (ecstasy). The hero goes beyond the last terrors of ignorance.

12 • The hero receives the prize that he/she has been after.
The Ultimate Boon By Dorothy escaping the Wicked Witch's castle and being able to take the witch's broomstick with her to the wizard, she is rewarded the magic key to getting home. • The hero receives the prize that he/she has been after.

13 The was no refusal of return in this movie.
• The hero should bring their wisdom back to their kingdom of humanity. The hero often wishes to remain in isolation with his boon.

14 Magic in Flight Although the wizard prepares a hot air balloon to send Dorothy back to Kansas, Dorothy is distracted and the balloon lifts off without her. • The hero has his reward, now he must return to safety. There may be forces still working against her A "chase" ensues.

15 Rescue from Without The Wizard floats off in the balloon without Dorothy, destroying all her hopes to return. Then her hopes are brought back by the appearance of the Good Witch who tells Dorothy she has the power to return home herself. Dorothy soon finds her way. • The world may have to come to retrieve the hero. Attaining the boon has drained the hero and he/she needs assistance in returning.

16 Crossing the Return Threshold
When Dorothy returns back to her house and with her family in Kansas all of her adventures and wisdom of learning there is no place like home all seems to become a dream to her which she can not explain to her family. There is a difficulty in the hero's return; the world has changed and so has the hero. The hero may not be accepted back to his old world. He may feel awkward in his immediate return.

17 • Hero has attained wisdom in both the spiritual and material world.
Master of two Worlds Dorothy returns to Kansas with the knowledge that she's loved, and that there's no place like home. • Hero has attained wisdom in both the spiritual and material world.

18 Freedom to Live Dorothy figures out by going through OZ and meeting all the friends. Se also realizes that there is no place like home. • The hero reconciles the fact the every creature lives on the death of another. The hero understands that it was only through the "death" of his/her former self that the new life was able to surface.


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