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By: Andrew Kokanoutranon

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1 By: Andrew Kokanoutranon
Saving Private Ryan A Hero’s Journey By: Andrew Kokanoutranon

2 The Ordinary World This is the hero's home environment where his friends and family are located. The story starts here so that the separation becomes apparent. This is the land of the "mother" where the hero feels comfortable. John Miller (Tom Hanks) is a school teacher in a small town located in Indiana. He is in the comfort of his own home with his wife.

3 The Call to Adventure There is an awakening of the "self to an unknown, unexpected world. The hero becomes aware of a new, unusual, exciting, forbidden, and/or foreign world. John Miller is drafted into the army to fight in Europe. He is able to achieve the rank of captain before being deployed to Omaha Beach.

4 Supernatural Aid Provides the hero with something (physical or mental) which will help the hero move forward in his adventure. Perhaps a sword to fight the dragon or a confidence boost to help the hero believe in him/herself. Captain John Miller’s supernatural aids are his Thomson sub-machine gun, his will to get back home to his wife, and his squad, whom helps him get past the Germans.

5 Crossing the Threshold
The hero ventures into an unknown world which breaks tradition, and the hero meets some dangerous presence. Captain Miller crosses the threshold when he lands on Omaha Beach on D-day with his squad

6 In the Belly of the Whale
Once the hero has crossed the threshold, his old world is destroyed (literally or figuratively). He moves into a world of darkness (the belly of the whale) and will not come out until he is ready to return (so the hero stays in the belly of the whale through all of initiation). Often times there will be a "deepest part" to the belly. Captain Miller is deep in German territory on his mission to rescue Private Ryan with no plans on turning back.

7 The Roads of Trail Hero experiences miraculous tests or ordeals on the road of trials. There are usually several incidents that affect the hero at this point. The hero will appear weak and vulnerable, but he will also begin to show growth. Captain Miller’s journey to find Private Ryan leads him into many fierce gun fights with the Germans.

8 The Meeting with the Goddess
The hero meets a "goddess" that shows him/her what perfection is truly like. The hero witnesses all that can be accomplished and often times, his/her mission becomes much clearer. The goddess encourages the hero to continue. Captain Miller meets with a solider that lost his hearing but manages to tell Captain Miller where Ryan is at.

9 The Woman as Temptress The hero meets a presence that attempts to destroy the hero's mission. Often the temptress is sent by the evil forces working against the hero in order to try to stop the hero. Captain Miller is confronted with the temptress when he loses a few troops in a gun fight with the Germans, he could either continue his current mission or fall back into ally territory. He chooses to continue his journey.

10 Atonement with the Father
Captain Miller finds Private Ryan’s squad and it gave him courage to hold off the Germans from the bridge. Father symbolizes judgment; the hero overcomes fear, judgment, and mental blocks that may have been holding him/her back.

11 Apotheosis Hero recognizes the "big picture" (spiritual understanding can be known). The hero finally understands why he has been on his journey. The journey is not over, but the hero understands what it takes to return. Captain Miller finds the big-picture when he is in the intense fight with the Germans on the bridge; he yearns for his return to his wife and he will not stop fighting until he can get it.

12 The hero receives the prize that he has been after.
The Ultimate Boon The hero receives the prize that he has been after. Captain Miller finds Private Ryan and his mission is complete, which means he is able to go back home The boon may come in the form a physical rewards (like the dragon's treasure), but will more importantly include a mental/emotional reward (like inner peace).

13 Refusal of Return The hero should bring their wisdom back to their kingdom of humanity. The hero often wishes to remain in isolation with his boon Captain Miller does not return to his wife, he decides to stay and fight off the Germans form the bridge.

14 The Magic in Flight The hero has his reward, now he must return to safety. There may be forces still working against him (possibly trying to get the treasure back that the hero has taken). A "chase" ensues. Captain Miller finds Private Ryan, who is still alive. Captain Miller decides to stay and fight off the Germans to holds a bridge that is vital to both sides of the war

15 Rescue from Without The world may have to come to retrieve the hero. Attaining the boon has drained the hero and he/she needs assistance in returning U.S. forces come in the nick of time to fend off the Germans when Captain Miller’s squad was about to lose the fight.

16 Master of Two Worlds •  Hero has attained wisdom in both the spiritual and material world (conscious world). •  The hero gives up completely all attachment to his personal limitations, hopes and fears. •  The hero no longer tries to live, but willingly relaxes to whatever may come to pass in him. Before Captain Miller dies, he realizes that his mission of saving Private Ryan is complete is complete but he is too critically wounded to live on.

17 The End

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