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The Hero's Journey.

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1 The Hero's Journey

2 “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself” --Joseph Campbell

3 The Call to Adventure

4 The hero leaves on a series of adventures beyond the ordinary to recover what has been lost or discover something new

5 The journey is a cycle of going and returning.
The hero must move beyond what is known and safe to take his journey

6 Some heroes set out intentionally
Some are thrown into the adventure

7 Some heroes refuse at first but then change their minds

8 The hero is always prepared for the trials he faces.

9 Supernatural Aid

10 The hero usually does not face the challenges alone.
In most stories, the hero will have a guide.

11 The guide is someone who is wise and will offer the hero help and wisdom as he makes his way through the journey.

12 The hero will often have some kind of talisman (a symbolic item that offers power and strength to the hero).

13 Most heroes will also have companions with them.

14 The companions may offer balance to the hero, help the hero in battle, or may help the hero learn important lessons.

15 Crossing the Threshold

16 Early in the journey, the hero will leave the world he has always known and venture into the unknown

17 The hero will “cross a threshold” either a symbolic barrier or a physical barrier.

18 Threshold Guardians prevent a hero who is not yet ready for the journey from beginning his adventure.

19 They may prevent the hero from leaving.
Or, they may prevent the hero from entering the new realm.

20 The Initiation

21 The hero must prove himself worthy of hero status.
To do this, he will face a series of trials on his journey

22 There are two types of hero deeds: physical and spiritual.

23 There are several different challenges a hero might face:

24 Brother Battle The hero is locked in a physical or psychological battle with someone who is a “brother” (blood relation or symbolic brother)

25 Dragon Battle The hero must slay the dragon
Sometimes the hero will battle a literal dragon guarding its treasure

26 Sometimes the hero is battling his “inner dragons” which are his doubts and fears.

27 Abduction/Sea Journey/ Night Journey
Often in the hero’s journey, either the hero or someone close to him is kidnapped and taken away.

28 As the hero is transported elsewhere, or as the hero chases the captors, the journey may take him over the sea or on a long night journey.

29 Even if there is no abduction, most heroes are traveling great distances, so a sea or night journey is not uncommon.

30 Entering the Belly of the Whale
This is an allusion to the story of Jonah and the Whale.

31 Sometimes the hero is literally in the belly of the whale (like Pinocchio), but this is usually symbolic.

32 When the hero is drawn deep into the journey and must face his greatest fear or the greatest evil, he is in the belly of the whale.

33 Meeting with the Goddess
Many heroes will meet a woman of great power. She may offer the hero wisdom or supernatural aid that will assist him.

34 Sacred Marriage The hero will often have a special connection with one character in the story.

35 The connection will serve as a motivation to the hero when all else seems hopeless.

36 Sometimes the sacred marriage is literally a marriage.
Often, however, it is a symbolic union of two souls.

37 Ritual Death or Dismemberment
In order for the hero to be transformed, he must give up his old life.

38 Many times this is done through a symbolic death.
Other times, he will lose a limb, which signifies the loss of the old self.

39 Atonement with Father Many heroes have been separated from their father. The “father quest” is one motivation for a hero to begin his journey.

40 Atonement is when the hero is “at one” with the father or father figure.

41 This often comes at the end of the hero’s journey.
It is the stepping stone that helps the hero take his rightful place as leader.

42 Apotheosis This literally means the elevation of a person to the rank of a god or the glorification of a person as an ideal.

43 After completing the difficult challenges, the hero is idealized or worshipped in some way.

44 Ultimate Boon or Magic Elixir
When the hero set out on the journey, it was because there was some problem. The Ultimate Boon or Magic Elixir is the solution to the problem.

45 The hero is able, through brave deeds, to procure this magic remedy and to solve the problem.

46 The Return

47 The return is not always easy; there may be some challenges.

48 Refusal of Return Sometimes the hero does not want to return to the old world. If the hero is to reach his destiny, there must be a return.

49 Rescue from Without As the hero tries to return, he may find himself in a difficult situation that looks like the end of the quest.

50 When things look bleak, someone comes to rescue the hero so he can finish the journey.

51 Magic Flight/Pursuit Sometimes the hero wants to return home, but there are forces that would like to prevent him from doing that.

52 Crossing the Return Threshold
While usually not as involved as crossing the initial threshold, the hero must still return to the old, familiar world.

53 Master of Two Worlds The hero’s bravery has been noted by those around and he is often looked up to in the new world.

54 There are times when the hero’s message is unheard in his old world or the achievements are unrecognized.

55 In this case, the hero may die or be killed.
He may return to the other world.

56 Freedom to Live If the hero is successful on the journey and is accepted back into the old world, he will have the freedom to live.

57 These heroes are generally great leaders of their people.


59 Choose One Due January 24, 2013


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