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Remember all that hero stuff from last year? It’s back!!!

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1 Remember all that hero stuff from last year? It’s back!!!

2  A theorist who closely studied comparative mythology and comparative religion.  Focused largely on the role of the hero in his studies, and discovered a pattern (an archetype) that spanned time and culture…

3 The Known The Unknown or Shadow Realm STAGE ONE: SEPARATION STAGE TWO: INITIATION STAGE THREE: RETURN Call to Adventure Threshold Guardians Crossing the Threshold Helpers Atonement with the Father Transformation/ Revelation Ultimate Boon The Return Reward (Freedom to Live)

4 STAGE 1: SEPARATION A. Call to Adventure B. Refusal of the Call: Often, when the call is given, the hero refuses to accept it due to fear, a sense of obligation, insecurity, or any number of reasons C. Supernatural Aid (Helpers): A guide or magical helper appears to assist with the journey. This is assistance that the hero could not do without. This helper will often provide the hero with special tools for the quest.

5 STAGE 1: SEPARATION D. Crossing the Threshold: The move from the known and comfortable world into the unknown world (The Shadow Realm). E. Belly of the Whale: As the hero crosses the threshold, s/he finds himself in the darkness of a new world. This is a low point and is the final separation from the hero’s known world and self.

6 STAGE 2: INITIATION A. The Road of Trials (Tests): Series of tasks that the hero must undergo to begin the transformation.

7 STAGE 2: INITIATION (Continued) B. The Meeting with the Goddess: The hero encounters the goddess of the new world, bringing fullness to the hero’s character and helping him/her realize what awards lie at the end of the quest. C. Woman as the Temptress: Something tempts the hero from the true path, and s/he must overcome selfish desires to return to the rightful path and build character.

8 STAGE 2: INITIATION (Continued) D. Atonement with the Father (Supreme Test): Center point of the journey; this is when the hero must confront whatever holds ultimate power in his life. To understand himself, the hero must reckon with this ultimate authority figure. This will typically result in some transformation and revelation that the hero must understand in order to achieve his goal.

9 STAGE 2: INITIATION (Continued) E. Apotheosis: The hero comes to a realization about the purpose of life and/or himself and thus views the world in a different way than at the beginning of the journey. Selflessness often becomes a characteristic of the hero at this point. F. Ultimate Boon: The achievement of the goal of the journey.

10 STAGE 3: THE RETURN A. Refusal of the Return: In many cases, why would the hero WANT to return to the known world? B. The Magic Flight: The hero may be accompanied by a protector who assists in overcoming obstacles on the return as s/he flees with the boon. It can be just as adventurous as the journey to the boon. C. Rescue from Without: The hero may need guides to assist in returning to everyday life.

11 STAGE 3: THE RETURN D. The Crossing of the Return Threshold E. The Master of the Two Worlds/The Freedom to Live (Reward): The hero is now comfortable and confident in both the known world and the shadow realm and is free to live in the moment.

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