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Spiderman The Heroes Journey.

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1 Spiderman The Heroes Journey

2 Ordinary World Spiderman’s ordinary world is when he is in the world of Peter Parker. In other words, his regular life before he becomes Spiderman and has to lead two lives.

3 Call to Adventure The call to adventure occurs after Peter Parker is bitten by a mutated spider. He soon discovers his new powers that he received from the spider’s bite.

4 Supernatural Aid The Supernatural Aid in this story is Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben.

5 Crossing the Threshold
Peter Parker crosses the threshold when he becomes Spiderman and begins fighting crime in N.Y.C.

6 In The Belly of the Whale
Peter Parker is in the belly of the whale when he meets the Green Goblin and is confronted with the immense task of defeating this evil foe.

7 The Road of Trials On the road of trials, Spiderman fights the Goblin several times and has to save people from the Green Goblin’s wrath.

8 The Meeting With the Goddess
The “Goddess” in this story is M.J. because Spiderman is in love with her and she encourages him although she doesn’t know it.

9 The Woman as the Temptress
The temptress in this story is not an actual person but is when the Green Goblin attempts to discourage Spiderman by attacking those close to him.

10 Apotheosis At this point in the story, Spiderman realizes his duty to battle evil and crime.

11 The Ultimate Boon Spiderman’s ultimate boon is the death of the Green Goblin.

12 Crossing the Return Threshold
Spiderman finds out that the Green Goblin was an insane Norman Osborne, and he has to cope with the fact that he killed his best friend’s father.

13 Master of Two Worlds Spiderman and Peter Parker are one and the same but they live in two different worlds.

14 Freedom to Live Spiderman continues his life committed to fighting crime and protecting the innocent.

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