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Lion King Hero’s journey

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1 Lion King Hero’s journey
By: Kevin Thomann

2 The Ordinary World: Simba is at home when he is at Pride Rock
is the hero's home environment where his friends and family are located

3 Call to Adventure: Simba’s call to adventure is when he and nala go to the forbidden place and have to deal with the hyenas. • There is an awakening of the "self to an unknown, unexpected world. The hero becomes aware of a new, unusual, exciting, forbidden, and/or foreign world.

4 Refusal of the Call: • Often the hero feels that he/she has it "too good" and refuses to give up all that they currently have (often resulting in the hero being forced to move on) There is no refusal of the call in Lion King

5 Supernatural Aid: Simba’s supernatural aid is his father after he is dead and in the water and sky. Also the monkey gives him advice and Timon and Pumpa. • This can come in the form of a protective figure, usually an elder (old crone or old man.)

6 Crossing the Threshold:
The hero ventures into an unknown world which breaks tradition, and the hero meets some dangerous presence. Simba crosses the threshold after his father dies and he is kicked out of the Pride Land.

7 In the Belly of the Whale:
Simba goes into the belly of the whale when he finds Timon and Pumpa by the forest Once the hero has crossed the threshold, his old world is destroyed (literally or figuratively). He/she moves into a world of darkness (the belly of the whale) and will not come out until he/she is ready to return (so the hero stays in the belly of the whale through all of initiation). Often times there will be a "deepest part" to the belly.

8 The Road of Trials: Simba’s road of trials is when he is with Timon and Pumpa in the forest and he learns akunamatata and also when Nala finds him and he learns he has to confront his uncle. Hero experiences miraculous tests or ordeals on the road of trials. There are usually several incidents that affect the hero at this point. The hero will appear weak and vulnerable, but he/she will also begin to show growth.

9 The Meeting with the Goddess:
Simba’s godess is Nala and she tells him how things are going at Pride Rock and that he needs to come back to save them. • The hero meets a "goddess" that shows him/her what perfection is truly like. The hero witnesses all that can be accomplished and often times, his/her mission becomes much clearer. The goddess encourages the hero to continue

10 The Woman as the Temptress:
• The hero meets a presence that attempts to destroy the hero's mission. Often the temptress is sent by the evil forces working against the hero in order to try to stop the hero. Simba’s temptress is living with Timon and Pumpa and taking the easy way out and living without worries and ditching his family at Pride Rock

11 Atonement with the Father;
Simba’s atonement with the father is when he realizes he must go back to Pride Rock and free his family from his uncle. Father symbolizes judgment; the hero overcomes fear, judgment, and mental blocks that may have been holding him/her back.

12 Apotheosis: • The hero is in a divine, god-like state (ecstasy). The hero goes beyond the last terrors of ignorance. Simba’s apotheosis is when he is talking to his father in the pool of water and he tells him he must go back and save his family

13 The Ultimate Boon; Simba’s ultimate boon is overcoming his uncle and becoming the rightful king of Pride Rock • The hero receives the prize that he/she has been after

14 Refusal of the Return: Simba wants to stay with Timon and Pumpa and is too scared to face his uncle The hero should bring their wisdom back to their kingdom of humanity. The hero often wishes to remain in isolation with his boon.

15 Magic in Flight (The Chase):
Simba goes back to Pride Rock to face his uncle and goes across the grass night and day The hero has his reward, now he must return to safety. There may be forces still working against him/her (possibly trying to get the treasure back that the hero has taken). A "chase" ensues.

16 Rescue from Without: Simba cant overcome his uncle alone so Timon, Pumba, and Nala help him with his goal. The world may have to come to retrieve the hero. Attaining the boon has drained the hero and he/she needs assistance in returning

17 Crossing the Return Threshold;
Simba and his friends go back to the Pride Land and it is all barren and destroyed. He now truly knows that he must destroy his uncle • There is a difficulty in the hero's return; the world has changed and so has the hero. The hero may not be accepted back to his old world. He may feel awkward in his immediate return.

18 Master of Two Worlds: Simba defeats his uncle and makes him confess to killing his father and becomes the true and rightful king of the Pride Lands Hero has attained wisdom in both the spiritual and material world (conscious world).

19 Freedom to Live: Simba needs to rebuild his kingdom after the destruction of his uncle and restore things back to normal • The hero learns never to be afraid of the next moment (destruction or change), he has learned "to be" (exist).

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