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Foreign Affairs Trouble the Nation

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1 Foreign Affairs Trouble the Nation
Chapter 6 Section 2

2 I US Response to Events in Europe
Jacobin’s take control of gov’t & violently attacked their opposition Declare war on other monarchs (GB) Republicans want to support French Federalists wanted to support the British Washington issue declaration of neutrality Genet ignores GW’s neutrality & recruits Americans Fed. Begin to call Jefferson (Rep) a radical for supporting France

3 B. Treaty with Spain US secures land claims west of Ap. Mtns & shipping rights to Miss. R. Negotiate with Spain who held these territories Spain feared US-GB attack on Louisianna so they make a deal Pickney’s Treaty Spain give up all land east of Miss. R. Open the Miss R to American traffic Allow US to use port of New Orleans Pickney’s Treaty paved way for west. Expan.

4 II Native Americans Resist White Settlers A. Fights in the Northwest
Nat. Amer. held claim to tribal lands & demanded direct neg. w/ US Often attacker Amer. settlers that moved into their ter. Chief Little Turtle (Miami tribe) formed confed. of Nat. Amer. tribes to fight Amer. settler invasion

5 B. Battle of Fallen Timbers
Little Turtle urged Conf. to make peace w/ Amer. troops because they were strong under Gen Wayne Miami conf. did not listen and were defeated in battle of Fallen Timbers Fallen Timbers ended Nat. Amer. resistanceTreaty of Greenville Miami conf. gives up land in Ohio New conflicts between GB and US emerge in NW ter.

6 C. Jay’s Treaty John Jay sent to Gb to negotiate treaty
GB evacuated forts after news of Fallen Timbers Didn’t want to fight US and France at the same time Western settlers did not like the treaty because…. British continue fur trade on American side of US-Canada border Amer. believed their neutrality guaranteed them free passage in Caribbean

7 III Adams Provokes Criticism
GW resigns & warns against perm. Alliances Adams (federalist) vs Jefferson (Republican) Constitution dictates most votes become pres. and second most votes becomes VP Growing sectionalism Sectionalism= placing interests of one region over those of the nation as a whole

8 A. Adams Tries to Avoid War
Adams Pres. & Jefferson VP Adams tried to avoid war w/ France French believed Jay’s Treaty was violation of Amer-French alliance France begins to seize US ships US sends 3 man ambassador trip to negotiate with Talleyrand (French foreign minister) Talleyrand sends 3 low level officials

9 Federalists called for war but France preferred diplomacy
X, Y, Z Affair= French officials demand bribe of $250,000 dollars to meet with Talleyrand Federalists called for war but France preferred diplomacy Successfully avoided war but damaged his standing w/ Federalists

10 B. Alien & Sedition Acts Federalists accuse Rep. of favoring foreign powers Fed. Push through the Alien & Sedition acts Raised residence requirement for citizenship from 5 to 14 yrs. Pres. can deport or jail any alien considered undesirable Fines and jail for anyone expressing opinions opposing the gov’t Republicans called the laws a violation of the 1st Amendment

11 C. Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions
Jefferson & Madison decide to organize opposition to the resolutions b appealing to the states VA & KT resolutions set forth principle of nullification by states Nullification= stated had right to void any act of congress they deemed unconstitutional VA & KT resolutions shows the issue of balancing state and fed. Power Became central issue in election of 1800

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