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“Fear is the foundation of most governments.” The Adams Presidency.

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1 “Fear is the foundation of most governments.” The Adams Presidency

2 Foreign Policy French Revolution explodes in Europe, Who should we support? Proclamation of Neutrality 1793 – – Washington believed the young nation was not strong enough to engage in a European war Jay Treaty 1794 – Treaty with Great Britain – Evacuate British troops from NW – GB would pay damages from stolen ships – America would pay pre-war debt

3 Native Americans Battle of Fallen Timbers 1794 General Anthony Wayne defeated the Native Americans (Shawnee, Wyandot, etc.) Treaty of Greenville – surrendered the Ohio Territory and promised to open it up to settlement

4 Leftover from Washington’s Presidency: The two- Party system emerged as an integral part of American politics.two- Party


6 The Election of 1796

7 XYZ Affair XYZ Affair French relations - angered by Jay Treaty France attacks US Ships Send Charles Pinckney, John Marshall, Elbridge Gerry to speak to French Minister Talleyrand who sent 3 agents in his place demanding a loan to France for $10 million & a personal gift to Talleyrand of $240,000. The 3 US reps. Had referred to these agents as XY and Z Pinckney was outraged by demands and snapped, “Not a sixpense”

8 “Great is the guilt of an unnecessary war.” an unnecessary war High-Federalists - anti Adams, pro Hamilton Federalists called for war with France. Adams responded by asking Congress to fund the building of 40 frigates, warships – By 1798 US had cooled things off by capturing 80 French ships

9 1799 Napoleon Bonaparte takes over France; eager to end undeclared war w/ US (Adams’ highpoint)

10 Alien and Sedition Acts - 1798 Alien Act - Pres. could expel from the US foreigners who were suspected of threatening the safety and security of the nation

11 Alien and Sedition Acts - 1798 Sedition Act - Persons could be imprisoned for 2 years and fined $2,000 for saying, writing, or publishing any false or malicious statement against the US gov’t or its officials 3. Naturalization Acts - required 14 year residency of immigrants before citizenship 4. Alien Enemies Act - pres. Allowed to imprison or expel dangerous foreigners

12 During time of war or invasion Adams did not enforce the Alien, Naturalization, and Alien Enemies act, but to the chagrin of Jeffersonians he did enact the Sedition act Jeffersonians saw this as an attack on the 1st amendment (US v. Thomas Cooper)

13 Kentucky/Virginia Resolution written by Jefferson and Madison respectively, argued that any state had the right to NULLIFY a federal law within its boundaries if this was accepted it would mean that the Const. was nothing but a rewording of the Art. of Confederation, never put into effect; beginning of nullification movement

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