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French Revolution John Adams The Duel EARLY AMERICAN FOREIGN AFFAIRS.

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1 French Revolution John Adams The Duel EARLY AMERICAN FOREIGN AFFAIRS

2  France declared war on Great Britain in 1793  Republicans favor France  Federalists favor Great Britain  George Washington Declares Neutrality  France started it therefore the US was not obligated to help the French despite the Treaty of 1778  U.S. claimed the right to carry non-military goods to warring nations FRENCH REVOLUTION IN 1789

3  Great Britain ignores US Neutrality  Began seizing US vessels because US was trading with France in the Caribbean  Almost 300 ships were captured by Great Britain GREAT BRITAIN IGNORES US NEUTRALITY

4  John Jay was sent by Washington to negotiate with Great Britain  Jay Treaty  Jay’s objective was to gain concessions on Great Britain’s position regarding neutral shipping. JAY TREATY

5  Jay was forced to sign a treaty that largely favored Great Britain  GB left posts in Northwest Territory along the Great Lakes (w. of Appalachians)  GB continued the fur trade with Indians on US lands  GB still seized neutral ships  Both sides had freedom of Mississippi River JAY TREATY

6 JOHN JAY – UNPOPULAR HOMECOMING  Treaty narrowly passes the Senate (20 – 10)  Favored by the Federalists  Opposed by Democratic Republicans

7  The US wanted lands west of Appalachian and control of the Mississippi River.  Thomas Pinckney negotiated a treaty with Spain due to Jay’s Treaty.  Also known as the Treaty of San Lorenzo  Spain feared US and GB action against the Louisiana Territory  Spain gave up its claims east of Mississippi River and north of Florida  Agreed to open the Mississippi River to American Traffic PINCKNEY’S TREATY

8  George Washington’s Farewell Address  Warns against political parties  Warns against becoming involved in the affairs of Europe and emphasizes neutrality  Set the tradition of a President running only two terms  Until FDR – who ran was elected four times  Two term limit established GOODBYE GEORGE!

9  Becomes second President (1797 – 1801)  Jefferson was vice- president as he was runner-up  They had opposite views  Jefferson – Republican  Adams - Federalist JOHN ADAMS

10  France began seizing US merchant vessels  After the Jay Treaty  Undeclared Naval War went on for two years  Federalists demanded a war  Adams worked to avoid war and worked out difference peacefully  Supported by moderate federalists  His greatest achievement as President JOHN ADAMS

11  Allowed the gov’t to deport any foreigners (alien act)  Sedition act prohibited anyone from write, print, utter, or publish... any false, scandalous and malicious writing" against the government.  John Adams and the Federalists were heavily criticized in the Republican press.  Some of the most vocal critics were foreign born, including French ALIEN AND SEDITION ACTS

12  Alien Act was passed in 1798 when war was expected with France  Raised residency requirement from 5 to 14 years  President had the power in Peace time to order any alien out of the country  President in wartime could jail any aliens  None were arrested ALIEN ACT

13  Sedition = to speak or write with the intent to defame  Fines or jail time given to anyone who committed sedition against the President, Congress or the Government  Fines or jail time if you encouraged resistance to federal laws  To remain in effect until John Adams was out of Office SEDITION ACT

14  Much Disapproval over these laws  Argued against freedom of speech and the press  Historians agree these laws were unwise ALIEN AND SEDITION ACT

15  Thomas Jefferson ran against John Adams  John Adams received 65 electoral votes  Thomas Jefferson received 73 electoral votes  Aaron Burr was running for Vice President and received 73 electoral votes  Tie was settled in the House of Representatives Attack Advertisements from the 1800s. NEXT ELECTION

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