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Your Mental and Emotional Health

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1 Your Mental and Emotional Health
Chapter 7 Lesson #1 Pages

2 Your Mental and Emotional Health
Objective 1: Identify the characteristics of good mental and emotional health. Objective 2: Identify Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Objective 3: Identify the different influences on personality.

3 Open Book Quiz Pass out lesson 1 quiz and a scantron.
Remember, you may use your book. Use a #2 pencil Please fill out the scantron as shown below. Name: (your first and last name) Subject: Ch 7 quiz #1 Class: (___ hour)

4 The Characteristics of Good Mental/Emotional Health
The ability to accept yourself and others, adapt to and manage emotions, and deal with the demands and challenges you meet in life. People with good mental/emotional health demonstrate… (pg. 171) Positive Self-Esteem (Feelings of confidence) Sense of Belonging (Family, Friends, Teachers) Sense of Purpose (Recognizing your value) Positive Outlook (Sees the bright side & has hope) Autonomy (Having confidence to make safe & responsible decisions)

5 Don’t use your book On a sheet of paper: draw this pyramid and fill in the each level of humans needs (most basic at the bottom)

6 Maslow’s Pyramid Of Needs
Hierarchy of Needs- A ranked list of those needs essential to human growth and development, presented in ascending order. Starts with basic needs and builds towards reaching your highest potential (bottom to top)

7 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Physical (Physiological) Needs Survival Needs (food, water, sleep and shelter) Safety Needs People who make you feel secure (family, home, financial, and medical insurance) Belonging Needs Feeling loved or wanted, sense of confidence, and strengthen your mental/emotional health. Feeling Recognized Being appreciated or valued by family, friends & peers. Being able to do something well. Potential Needs Self-Actualization (being the best you can be) Having courage to make changes in your life in order to reach your goals. This is a lifelong process.

8 Applying Maslow’s needs!
Write down your answers to the following questions What should you do physically in order to succeed? What should you do mentally and socially in order to succeed? What qualities do you look for in a friend? List the good qualities you already have

9 Understanding Your Personality (pg. 175)
Personality: A complex set of characteristics that makes you unique. Personality includes an individual’s emotional make-up, attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors. It is composed of tendencies that you are born with some, and some you develop in response to life situations and experiences Heredity and environment are the two main influences on you personality.

10 Your Personality And… Personality and Heredity
Heredity plays a role in determining a person’s basic intellectual abilities and temperament or emotional tendencies. What are some examples? Personality and Environment Your surroundings (environment) have an influence that impact your developing personality. How? Modeling- observing and learning from the behaviors of those around you, sometimes without knowing Personality and Behavior Most control over your behavior Decision making, how you make them, and recognizing the consequences of those decisions

11 Interactive study guide

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