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Achieving Mental and Emotional Health

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1 Achieving Mental and Emotional Health
Chapter 3 Lesson #1 Pages 66-71

2 Ipad vocabulary activity
Open: iSwifter APP Open the bookmarks tab and choose: “Glencoe chapter activities” Open: “Student Center” Drop Down: “Chapter Activities” Choose: “Chapter 3” Open: “Interactive Study Guides” Open: “Lesson #1”

3 Developing your self-esteem
Objective 1: Identify the characteristics of good mental and emotional health. Objective 2: Identify and apply how to improve your self-esteem. Objective 3: Identify Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

4 The Characteristics of Good Mental/Emotional Health
The ability to accept yourself and others, express and manage emotions, and deal with the demands and challenges you meet in life. People with good mental/emotional health demonstrate… Sense of Belonging (Family, Friends, Teachers) Sense of Purpose (Recognizing your value) Positive Outlook (Sees the bright side & reduces stress) Self-sufficiency (Having confidence to make safe & responsible decisions) Healthy Self-Esteem (helps accept & recover from difficulties and failures)

5 Self-Esteem Self-Esteem- How much you value, respect, and feel confident about yourself. Taking healthful risks can raise your self esteem Trying new challenges can also raise your sense of competence: or having enough skills to do something. Self-talk: the encouragement or criticism that you give yourself, can affect your self-esteem.

6 Benefits of Healthy Self-Esteem
Feel proud of yourself and your abilities, skills, and accomplishments Believe setbacks are temporary Ability to confront challenges & overcome them Confidence to try new things Know they may not be as good at some tasks as they are with others

7 Improving Self-Esteem
Choose friends who value and respect you Focus on positive aspects about yourself Replace negative self-talk with supportive self-talk Work toward accomplishment rather than perfection Consider your mistakes learning opportunities Try new activities to discover your talents Volunteer your time to help someone Accept the things you cant change and focus on changing the things you can.

8 Self-Esteem activity Write down your answers to the following questions List 1 or 2 items you are really good at doing. List 2 positive things your best friend would say about you? How did you feel after volunteering your time? What things (that you can control) would you like to change about yourself? WHY??

9 Maslow’s Needs activity
Students may work alone or with a partner Pass out worksheet Read the directions and complete both side of the worksheet. Be prepared to discuss your reflection answers.

10 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Level #5: Reaching Potential Needs Self-Actualization (being the best you can be) Level #4: Feeling Recognized Need to achieve, to be recognized. Level #3: Belonging Needs Need to love or be loved, need to belong. Level #2: Safety Needs Need to be secure from danger Level #1: Physical Needs Need to satisfy basic needs of food, water, sleep and shelter

11 Lesson Review Concentration game;
Continue clicking on the squares until you feel the word matches the definition. Then click, “Check answers”.

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