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Enhancing the AQA Computer Science GCSE with IT Academy MTA

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1 Enhancing the AQA Computer Science GCSE with IT Academy MTA
Mike Evans Director - The IT Skills Management Co. ltd ITSkillsman Teachers Institutions Students Industry Skills

2 Why AQA & Microsoft IT Academy?
Enhance & Enrich Drive better GCSE results Create “best of both” programme of learning Give Students More Access to industry recognised accreditation Build and explore a career in IT Save Time & Costs Reduce curriculum costs Focus on key tools for best results 21st Century IT Real World Tools & Skills

3 Why Microsoft IT Academy?
Teacher CPD & Readiness Free Teacher Certification Starter Kits Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) membership Latest Tools & Resources Dreamspark for staff and students Links to associated programmes Save Time & Money Free MTA Student and Teachers Kits Developer e-learning +18k MCT’s Worldwide Text/Pic 20 Free MTA Vouchers Text/Pic

4 Why Microsoft Technology Associate?
GCSE Alignment 70% overlap in MTA and GCSE Easy to deploy in the classroom Hot Topics Gaming, Mobile, HTML 5 Introduce Cloud skills now Student Progression MTA eases the path to MCP Students put MTA on their CV MTA Exams HTML 5 Gaming Mobile Web Dev Win Dev SW Fundamentals Server OS Fundamentals Networking Security Database Level 2 QCF C# & HTML 5 Metro Apps GCSE + MTA

5 3 Why ITSkillsman? 10 Teacher CPD & Readiness Latest Tools & Resources
Free Taster Course Subscription courses for CPD + Support Latest Tools & Resources Guidance for teaching staff - MASP Provision of additional resources through ITA Delivering The Microsoft Apprenticeship Program Save Time & Money Providing consultancy and implementation Signposting to no-cost or lo-cost resources 10 Subscription Courses Text/Pic 3 Free e-learning courses + Text/Pic

6 To be College, University and Career ready
‘A global programme of over 16,000 academic institutions. It provides the resources and curriculum for your institution to deliver inspiring and cutting edge technical courses and skills’ ❶ Students want: To be College, University and Career ready Proficient in getting work done Hands-on experience Stand out from the crowd Cloud and App Dev skills ❷ Institutions want: Cost effective solutions Attract students and talented staff Bridge the technology gap Support and enrich local communities ❸ Educators want: Relevant curriculum and resources Tools to prepare students for 21st century careers Time-saving options Professional development opportunities ❹ Employers want: Skilled employees Productive and innovative workers Job-ready recruits and graduates Retain and attract talent Add key stats here for talking points

7 Digital Literacy curriculum and resources
Save Educators Time Through Curriculum Lower Institution Costs Through Resources Professional Development Opportunities Validate Skills Through Certification Benefit From Partnership with Microsoft 350 E-learning Courses Lesson Plans Digital Literacy curriculum and resources Test Banks 150 Title E-Reference Library One low cost provides curriculum for every student, faculty and staff Dreamspark – free software for staff and teachers Academic discounts on official courseware and certification licenses Teacher Certification Start Kits: 20 x MTA 10 x MOS Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) membership UNESCO CFT-ICT curriculum and assessment Prepare students by validating skills through curriculum aligned to Microsoft certifications Leverage partner with awarding bodies e.g. AQA GCSE Certification mapped to QCF Member website with logos, posters, FAQ’s Support through Regional Support Centre and Microsoft Academic Partners (MASP) Connection and community with all IT Academies

8 How Do I Sign Up to IT Academy?
Add IT Academy to Your Academic Agreement ERP £756 p.a. EES Sku: 54R OVS-ES Sku: 54R Estimated £30k benefits for a typical active IT Academy Sign Up Direct ERP £1,100 p.a. Need Support?

9 Microsoft Certification Framework
Technical Certifications Office Certifications MCSM MCSE MCSD MCSA MTA Master MOS Expert MOS Get Recognized Get Ahead Get Hired Digital Literacy

10 ‘550,000 New Entrants to IT & Telecoms needed over the next 5 years…’
IT Industry Job Outlook IT Spend will grow to $1.7 trillion in 2013 IT employment will rise by 7.7 million jobs between 2011 and 2015 ‘Employment in IT & Telecoms will grow at 5x faster than the national average in the next ten years…’ ‘550,000 New Entrants to IT & Telecoms needed over the next 5 years…’ E-Skills, Technology Insights 2011 51% 51% of IT employment will be software-related Source: IDC Economic Impact Study, Global, 2009

11 Microsoft Matters 95% Revenue Through Partners 42%
IT departments running the Microsoft infrastructure in many countries employ 42% of the IT workforce. 95% Revenue Through Partners Source: IDC, Microsoft’s Economic Impact, 2011

12 UK Employment Opportunities
The Microsoft UK ecosystem employs over 500,000 IT and business professionals working with Microsoft products or services These employees account for 39% of IT related employment (2011) In total Microsoft has more than 30,000 partners in the UK Source: 2011 IDC UK Data & Messaging

13 77% 60% Future Employability More than 50% of today’s jobs require
some technology skills, and experts say that percentage will increase to 77% in the next decade. 60% Within 10 years, 60% of the jobs that will be available are ones that don’t even exist today. IDC

14 Skills in 21st Century “Skills are key to the prosperity of nations and to better lives for individuals in the 21st century. They contribute to economic growth both directly, through increased productivity, and indirectly, by creating greater capacity to adopt new technologies and ways of working and to spur innovation.” OECD, 2011

15 The Cloud Skills Shortage
Implementation of cloud services will create 14 million jobs internationally by 2014 (IDC)

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