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Industry Certification Program…. for Tennessee Business Technology Instructors! Presented by: Dr. Lloyd Brooks 2006 Summer Conference - Murfreesboro.

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1 Industry Certification Program…. for Tennessee Business Technology Instructors! Presented by: Dr. Lloyd Brooks 2006 Summer Conference - Murfreesboro

2 »Requirements for industry certification will be discussed. » The Tennessee plan for industry certification will be presented to better inform participants about resources that are being made available by the Tennessee State Department of Education. »Resources that are being made available for business instructors in order to facilitate meeting industry certification mandates and guidelines will be presented. » Information about workshops, online tutorials, practice exams, and testing opportunities will be provided. Major Discussion Points….

3 Need for Certification… Being computer savvy and digitally connected is becoming more critical to our educational, economical, governmental, and societal advancement. Therefore, raising the level of digital inclusion by increasing the number of Americans using the technology tools of the digital age is a vitally important national goal. … Digital Divide Council Certifications validate an individuals digital literacy and drives productivity.

4 Federal and State Mandates States need to establish computer productivity competencies for teachers in order to meet federal funding guidelines Teacher Educators, Local Supervisors, and State Staff recommended certification in presentation management, computer productivity subject specific area, and overall computer competency be required of all business technology instructors in Tennessee Recommendation is being prepared for State Board review and approval

5 Industry Certification Areas - Tennessee Presentation Management Skills –Presentation Management, Multimedia, and Graphics Content Specific to a Teaching Area –Word Processing –Spreadsheet –Database Overall Computer Competency –Computing Fundamentals, Key Computer Applications, and Working in an Online Environment Note: These are minimum standards. Higher standards may be set by State or local school systems for content areas such as networking

6 Procedures for Assuring Industry Certification Standards Statewide testing certification program for all current business technology teachers Incorporation into teacher education program by colleges and universities offering teacher licensure programs

7 What are IC 3 and MOS Certifications? IC 3 Certification (Digital Literacy) Computing Fundamentals (Hardware, Software, Operating Systems) Key Applications (Basic Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Living Online (Basic Networks and Internet, Email, Internet searching) MOS Certification (Productivity) Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access Specialist Certification Expert Certification Master Certification Master Instructor Certification

8 Final exams in business technology courses Prerequisite for particular computer courses Teacher/Staff professional development Community workforce development Benchmarking existing staffs skill set Teacher Minimum Proficiencies Certification Application Examples…

9 Microsoft® Office Specialist 60-second Video

10 Over 250 million Microsoft Office users worldwide Over 95% of all businesses standardize on Microsoft Office The average user only understands 20% of the functionality available in the Office suite Four out of five jobs (80%) in todays workplace require computer literacy skills. Provides a national standard of competency in technical skills

11 Is a standardized measurement for a digital literate workforce Provides an objective manner to hold institutions accountable Ensures competitive workers in a global, digital economy Assists in the demands of new skill sets in a digital economy Provides a benchmark for training tomorrows students and teachers through academic programs Provides an accountability measurement for past technology investments Was developed in cooperation with the global computer industry, academia, and government Is recognized worldwide by industry, academia, and government MOS is available in over 134 countries and 22 languages MOS Certification Benefits…


13 Benefits for Educators… » Positions the institution as a technology leader » Provides a ready-to-use modular examination format: Reliable method for evaluating the effectiveness of computer training. Provides faculty with a method to increase and verify their own skills. Provides administrators with a measure of instructor competency

14 MOS Benefits for Teachers… » #1 is Credibility! If a teacher is MOS certified (preferably MOS Master Instructor), that certification on the wall proves to students, fellow teachers, parents and administrators that s/he is not just talking the talk but has walked the walk… Provides a Professional Development avenue for teachers Sets the State of Tennessee as leaders in technology Sets the standard for expectations from students in the class Sets a national standard for comparison with other teachers Provides a background for establishing a test center for students

15 MOS Testing Procedures in Tennessee Send initial notice announcing testing program (July) Send more detailed notice announcing test sites and registration procedures (September) Send practice tests and tutorials for office productivity measurement (minimum of one month prior to testing) Assign teachers to a test site (minimum of one month prior to testing) as close as possible to home school Test location at one of twenty designated testing opportunities Send certificates to teachers who pass each exam

16 Industry Certification Expenses in Tennessee Provided by the Grant –Administrative Activities –Tutorials –Practice Tests –Lab Testing Facilities –Qualified Test Administrator –Program Review and Evaluation Analysis Provided by the Instructor or School System –Cost of Exam Purchase (Required Federal Mandate) –Travel Expenses to Test Site

17 Information - Practice Tests… Microsoft® Office Specialist Practice Test w/ Unlimited Lifetime Use! Looks and feels like the real thing! Dramatically increases exam pass rate

18 Information - Practice Tests… TRAINING Mode Features: No Timer, instant feedback, hints, explanations, retake opportunities ® Nearly 1,000 Office tasks correlated to the Microsoft ® Office Specialist certification skill standards Immediate feedback for missed questions Additional multi-media tutorials for difficult concepts

19 Information - Practice Tests… TESTING Mode Features: Count-down timer, no feedback until completion of exam Simulates a true testing experience Enhance program success and pass rates For best results: TESTING, TRAINING, TESTING

20 Potential Test Sites in Tennessee

21 What Teachers Should Do Next Review detailed industry certification announcement Submit registration form and minimal testing fee Practice preparatory tutorials as needed Complete practice tests that mirror the MOS exam as needed (unlimited practice allowed) Report to test site on designated day and complete exam or exams (one or more exams possible) Receive certificate or register for another testing experience

22 Questions and Comments...

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