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IT Management for Business Degree (ITMB)

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1 IT Management for Business Degree (ITMB)

2 Why ITMB? Having a degree today is not enough to stand out to employers Graduates don’t have the mix of skills employers want Technology employers want graduates with business knowledge and good communication skills too Graduate jobs left unfilled The UK is highly dependent on its Technology workforce – it underpins our economy and our ability to compete in the global economy The IT industry is growing faster than any other industry in the UK There is a huge need for graduates with the right skills to thrive in the digital economy 2

3 Over 129,000 new entrants are required each year to fill IT professional job roles in the UK 50% of graduates are recruited from non Computing disciplines Applications to Computing Degrees have declined by 38% since 2001 whereas the number of applications to all HE courses has increased by 54% over the same period Unemployment for Computing graduates (13.1%) is the highest of all subjects (7.7% across all graduates) Clearing now accounts for 22% of the total acceptance into Computing degrees ; the third highest proportion Over a third of Computing graduates said they would change subject if they were choosing to take their course again; the second highest subject ‘dissatisfaction’ 3

4 ITMB is endorsed and supported by more than 80 employers 4

5 ITMB Students at 18 Universities across UK 5

6 What makes ITMB different? Degree content designed and updated by employers Provides essential skills for the IT/Business world – and the right balance! Develops vital team and communication skills through working with others Part of a national and online ITMB Community Employers involved throughout the course Great opportunities for Summer and Year Placements in Industry 6

7 ITMB Impact There are nearly 2,000 ITMB students and graduates The number of applications to the programme has risen on average by 24% every year whereas the number of applications to all other Computing courses declined by 21% during the same period The awareness of the value of the ITMB degree is rising; 50% of ITMB students applied to ITMB at more than one university 33% of the current students are female- more than double the amount of females across all Computing degrees. Student satisfaction amongst ITMB students (99%) is higher than student satisfaction across all other Computing courses at the same universities (83%) 7

8 98% believe that the ITMB course is preparing them well for their future career 75% of 2013 ITMB graduates graduated with either a First Class or 2.1 degree compared to 51% of all other Computing graduates 93% believe that the course has made them more employable than other students 100% of 2011 ITMB graduates surveyed were found to be employed or in further education ITMB Employability 8

9 Course Content Teamwork Transferable Skills Project Work Experience through industry placements Business Case Studies Integrated Learning 9

10 More than a degree course Mock Interview Days / CV Clinics Employer sponsored Competitions/Prizes Employer Site Visits Placements / Internships Industry Mentors Guru Lectures National ITMB Student/Employer Events 10

11 Business ‘Guru’ Lectures Lecture given simultaneously to all ITMB universities with one university hosting the Guru and the others watching a live web broadcast Live Q&A Tuesday 16:00 – 17:00 12 lectures throughout the year given by inspirational role models from the business world They give an employer’s perspective of working in business with real life scenarios, case studies and business insight 11

12 ITMB Student Events National ITMB Student Events are held twice a year in the north and south of the UK – all universities and ITMB employers invited to both The events bring together the entire ITMB community: students, employers, alumni, university staff and e-skills UK, for executive presentations, competitions, skills sessions and fantastic networking opportunities with the employers and fellow students 12

13 Mock Interview Days, Master Classes and CV Clinics Held throughout the year, they are an exclusive opportunity for ITMB students to practise their interview techniques with a number of different employers and get feedback on their CV’s They are also set tasks with other ITMB students and assessed on their teamwork skills 13

14 Placements ITMB students are encouraged to do a year’s industry placement or summer placement at one of the many ITMB companies More ITMB Employers are now offering summer placements the summer placement at SAS is only available to ITMB students ITMB students are also the exclusive change to work with IBM’s technology team during the Wimbledon Championships 14

15 Life after ITMB ITMB Graduates are still as much a part of the ITMB community – it’s a long term relationship! ITMB community resources still available for alumni Graduates are encouraged to come back to events and talk to undergraduates and share their experiences ITMB Alumni led Guru Lectures Active online community of ITMB graduates 15

16 ITMB Community Website

17 Who and what makes up the ITMB community? Employers ITMB Students ITMB Student Ambassadors ITMB Alumni e-skills UK University Staff

18 “For me personally, our ITMB graduates offer a breadth of skills that allows them to hit the ground running in terms of technical ability but they also have the ability of social interaction with some of our main partners at such an early stage” Duncan Gill, Innovation Centre Manager, IBM “The ITMB degree is not a purely academic course; it’s something that combines the highest quality of university education with the demands of the best employers in the country.” Richard Pettinger, ITMB course director, University College London “The ITMB degree has combined the best that our Business and Computer Science schools had to offer. With graduation approaching, I feel I'm leaving University well equipped with the skills needed in today's competitive marketplace.” Michael Appleby, Final year student, Loughborough University 18

19 @ITMBdegree 19

20 20

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