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Microsoft ConnectED Overview for Microsoft Partners.

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1 Microsoft ConnectED Overview for Microsoft Partners

2 Today’s Discussion Education market opportunity What is ConnectED? How is Microsoft involved and WHAT is our offering? What is the role of Microsoft partners? What resources are available for partners to learn and promote this offering? Where is the information posted and who do we contact for questions?

3 Our Panel Bill Hagen – Director Microsoft Cloud Specialist Team Tony Franklin – Microsoft Education Solution Specialist Gina Eisele – Microsoft Sr. Partner Channel Marketing Manager Tyler Farmer – Education Solution Specialist Raamel Mitchel – Partner Sales Executive Leslie Hofeldt – Partner Sales Executive


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6 Microsoft Office for all students at no additional cost for qualifying schools 5 free licenses per student of Office Pro Plus if the school also uses it Low-cost broadband available through EveryoneOn non-profit Significantly lower EDU price for Windows 8.1 Pro via OEMs: Single Letter of Eligibility for all K-12 public schools Free professional development for teachers through Partners in Learning Ad-free search with Bing for Schools

7 2 Reseller contacts OEM and places order for Devices with OEM 3 OEM validates that the end customer is eligible to procure the National Academic Offering sku. Validation occurs on MyOEM. 4 OEM provides reseller the devices with the Windows 8.1 Pro National Academic Offering 1 Customer contacts Reseller and requests devices. Customer provides a copy of the Letter of Eligibility (LOE) if they have been provided the LOE

8 Enroll Purchase Provide Office 365 ProPlus to all students at no additional cost Office for 100% of organization's faculty and staff Education customers in Volume Licensing – EES or OVS-ES Microsoft Office 365 for all students at no additional cost for qualifying schools *Student Option remains for institutions not covering Staff & Faculty 100% on Office or not ready to move to the cloud

9 Easy to implement (IP- based) Removes all ads from the Bing experience, including SmartSearch in Windows 8 Completely free, no subscription Daily mini-lessons focused on search literacy, critical thinking using Bing homepage images 3 lessons per day: K-4, 5- 8, 9-12 Mapped to Common Core standards Hosted on Partners In Learning network Parents and community members can sign up for Bing Rewards and choose a school to donate their points to Points are pooled by school and Microsoft will donate Surface RTs for classroom use Easy to implement (IP- based) Filters out adult content from search results at the server level, so students can’t circumvent Completely free, no subscription A tailored, ad-free, strict filtered, privacy protected, search experience for K-12 students.

10 EveryoneOn, Microsoft’s non-profit partner is offering home internet service as low as $10

11 Community discussions Software step by step tutorials Lesson plans Templates Monthly Virtual Educator Webcast Series Connect with a worldwide community of educators. Gain access to free tools and resources to ensure that learners are prepared to thrive in the global economy. Free online professional development for teachers.

12 With the Microsoft IT Academy (ITA) program, academic institutions and their educators, students and staff get digital curriculum and certifications for fundamental technology skills -- as well as courses critical for students to be successful in today’s technologically evolving world -- all at significantly reduced pricing. Microsoft IT Academy (ITA) program provides industry-leading technology skills to help bridge the skills gap. ITA enables you to offer training not only on fundamental technology skills but also technical courses for your students, faculty and staff who are interested in pursuing a career in IT after graduation.

13 Prepare students for the future Windows in the Classroom seminars are a source of inspiration for school leaders and educators who want to understand how to optimize technology in the classroom. Enhance learning with seminars Guided by a qualified education trainer, these free two- hour sessions can be held at your school or in the local area. In these seminars you will learn how to enhance student education with technology, find out how to get free tools that spark imagination, and much more. Request a seminar Attend a virtual seminar See how Windows can optimize your classroom during a complimentary webcast. ​ Register now

14 * Students per district 50M public students 4.8M 14.4M 14.9M 16.1M Managed Accounts 385 Districts 20K-150K 15 Dis. >150K* 16,274 Districts <5K 1,600 Districts 5K-20K # Public Students 47 million Devices in the next 3 years!

15 15 Free access to proven teacher development programs Online resources at MS- sponsored Proven device security Easy application management Secure user authentication Ad-free search; NO data mining! (Google admits mining of student emails – visit SAFEGOV.ORG Involved learning environment Integrated technology in all aspects of the classroom Collaborative technology to create and consume Cross-student and cross- classroom collaboration Global awareness Creative problem-solving 21st century skills The only software package to appear among the Top 20 skills for high-growth/high-salary positions 1 1 IDC, October 2011 IDC, October 2013


17 Device maintenance & imaging services Broadband, Unified Communications (Lync) and Cloud Services Deployments (Office 365 / Azure) Bundled offers with devices, peripherals and attached services Professional Development and Training Services Network Design and Implementation Develop LOB Solutions and Applications

18 18 Microsoft Education Partner Network

19 19


21 Who are Microsoft’s partners in this offer? All OEMs will be able to fulfill this offer and provide a Windows device to a school. Two of our partners are joining us in this announcement today-- Dell and Lenovo. Is Microsoft Surface included in the offer? No, Surface is not part of this offer, but Microsoft offers education discounts on Surface products, and is proud to partner with America's schools. How do schools qualify for this offer? The Federal Government identifies all public K-12 schools on its site, the National Center for Education Statistics. Every public K-12 school on that list is eligible for the offer. There are about 100,000 such schools in the U.S.the National Center for Education Statistics How does a school prove they are entitled to the discounted offer? The Department of Education has identified all public US K-12 schools on its site, the National Center for Education Statistics. Every public US K-12 school on that list is eligible for the offer. Districts and schools should contact their local Microsoft or reseller representative to assist in obtaining a copy of the offer Letter of Eligibility.the National Center for Education Statistics Are private schools eligible for this offer? This offer is for government funded schools only. Will this offer be available in Microsoft retail stores? No, this offer is only sold through OEM partners. Our stores do offer a 10% discount for students/faculty, however and occasionally have significant offers on Surface devices. This offer is for institutional customers and not a direct offer to consumers. Do schools need to conduct a formal RFP to get the devices? No, with the Letter of Eligibility that a school or district can obtain from Microsoft, schools can go directly to their OEM partners and purchase devices in any quantity. Schools can continue to purchase through tender, RFP or their existing methods. Is there a minimum quantity for ordering? No, a school can purchase as many devices as needed. There is no minimum or maximum. Is this offer limited to any specific type of device? The OEMs will select and bring to market great devices. We believe we will see our OEMS deliver a range of devices including tablets, PCs and laptops. How much will schools be paying for each device? We don’t have exact dollar amounts – those final decisions will be up to the hardware partners like Dell, Lenovo, etc. However, we expect a range of prices – all significantly decreased – of which schools can take advantage to place these very powerful tools in the hands of students.

22 How does this announcement about a Student Advantage benefit relate to existing Student Option? Starting December 1, 2013, a new benefit called Student Advantage will be available for EES and OVS-ES customers. Academic institutions licensing Microsoft Office organization-wide for all faculty/staff via EES, OVS-ES or School contracts will be eligible to offer Office 365 ProPlus to their students at no additional cost. To take advantage of this benefit, institutions will need to order the ‘Office 365 ProPlus w/Faculty’ SKU for students through their LAR or an AER. Paid Student Option remains available and can be leveraged by institutions that don’t have staff/faculty coverage on Office or who would like to provide their students with Office Professional Plus, which includes graduation rights for students. Should I position this offer as “free Office for students”? No, the preferred way to discuss this offer is to say that student pricing for access to Office 365 ProPlus is included in the price for faculty and staff. How does a school sign up for Student Advantage? A customer must first qualify for Student Advantage by covering 100% of faculty & staff on Microsoft Office under Volume Licensing. A customer may then add Student Advantage to its existing EES, OVS-ES, or School contract by placing an order for the ‘Office 365 ProPlus w/Faculty’ SKU in a quantity of licenses that covers the number of students in its organization as defined in the volume license agreement. Are there any changes to the existing Student Option? There are no changes to the Office offerings through the paid Student Option. Microsoft will continue to have Student Option available that can be leveraged by institutions that do not have full staff/faculty coverage on Office or that would like to provide their students with Office Professional Plus (including a perpetual license to Students at graduation). My customer is already paying for Student Option. When can they move to Student Advantage? Institutions that already have Office through paid Student Option can add Student Advantage anytime, provided they meet the conditions of this licensing benefit. However, they may only adjust their Student Option products and quantities at their renewal. Also, please keep in mind that Student Advantage does not provide any perpetual licenses of Office upon graduation.. My customer just paid for Student Option. Will they get credit back? There is no credit for the invoice already paid. Institutions that already have Office through Student Option can switch to this new offer at their next renewal provided they meet all the conditions of this licensing option. Why are there two Office 365 Pro Plus Student Option SKUs? Paid Student Option SKUs are avaiable for customers who do not wish to license Faculty/Staff organization-wide or are not ready to move to the cloud. For eligible Student Advantage customers, there is specific ‘Office 365 ProPlus w/Faculty’ SKU. Can students get the non-cloud version, Office Professional Plus, instead of Office 365 ProPlus, for no cost? No, Student Advantage is only available to customers ordering Office 365 ProPlus for their student population via EES, OVS-ES, and School contracts.

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