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Promoting employability at Hull

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1 Promoting employability at Hull
Paul Chin, Skills Team Leader, Library and Learning Innovation

2 Overview What we’re doing at Hull to promote employability
Skills Framework Skills Team Example of practice 10 July 2012

3 The Employability Jigsaw
Internships Co-curricular awards PDP Skills Development Volunteering ??? Curriculum 10 July 2012

4 Hull engages in a variety of activities to promote employability
Promoting employability in the curriculum - we are reviewing how we promote PDP practice Recently introduced ePortfolios for students (PebblePad) Raising the profile of employability through a Staff network Plus other employability related activities through the careers service, departmental support etc... Curricular : PDP Review Staff network Related activities ePortfolios 10 July 2012

5 Departmental Skills Audit tool
Skills List A new Skills Framework has been developed specifically to address skills/employability Hull Award ePortfolio Sustainability (for c.20,000 students) PDP/Retention links Departmental Skills Audit tool Skills list – underpins the ‘distinctive hull graduate’ Hull award (more than a modular co-curricular award) ePortfolio (currently PebblePad) Departmental skills audit tool Student skills ‘audit’ Sustainability (for c.20,000 students) PDP/retention links Student Skills Audit 10 July 2012

6 Digital literacy is key to skills development and Library and Learning Innovation staff will do this through 4 tiers: Tier 1 Helping students to help themselves: Much bigger web presence Tier 4 Departmental Collaboration Tier 2 Helping students to help each other: Expansion of PASS and PAL Tier 3 Face-to-face support: Workshops and appointments 10 July 2012

7 Students in the Chemistry department get experience as interviewees and interviewers
Group 1 Job A Group 2 Job B Group 3 Job C Group 4 Job D Group 5 Job E 10 July 2012

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