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Class of 2018 Harrison High School Registration Guidelines.

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1 Class of 2018 Harrison High School Registration Guidelines

2 Your Course Registration Guide Is Available On Line (1,200 students x 80 pages = 96,000 pages)

3  9 th, 10 th, 11 th grade meetings  February 27  Teacher Recommendation Day (Get signatures)  February 27 – March 2nd  Turn in registration sheets to English teacher WITH parent signature  March 3rd  Registration in computer lab during English class March 3- March 13 Important Registration Dates

4  Junior School Classes for High School Credit  Ohio’s Physical Education Waiver  Online classes, APEX and Sinclair Community  Summer School  Testing Out of Classes  Educational Options – Internship, Work Study  Flexible Scheduling Opportunities  College Credit Plus  Advanced Placement Classes – AP Testing  Classes at Miami University – Hamilton,  University of Cincinnati and others (Partial or all day


6  4 credits of English (English 9,10,11&12)  4 credits of Math (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra 2 and an elective Math)  3 credits of Social Studies (American History, Government and World Studies)  3 credits of Science (Biology, Physical Science and an elective Science)  1 credit of Fine Arts (not required for Career Center students) .5 credit of Health

7 .5 credits of Physical Education ◦ May be exempted by 2 seasons of High School Interscholastic Sports, Marching Band, Cheerleading or JROTC  5 Elective credits  Financial Literacy Requirement ◦ May be met through Wealth Management or Economics section of American Government (AP Government does NOT include Economics section)  Minimum points accumulated on course tests

8  Those students who start their freshman year in the fall of 2014 or 2015 (Classes of 2018 and 2019) will be subject to the new Ohio Graduation Testing Requirements. The current OGT will not be required, but you will instead take 7 tests at the end of courses as listed below. Although they are subject to changes or additional clarification, the new testing requirements look like this, effective January 31, 2015:

9  End of Course Test Requirements for the Class of 2018 and 2019 ◦ 1. English 1 (9 th grade English) ◦ 2. English 2 (10 th grade English) ◦ 3. Algebra 1 (8 th or 9 th grade) ◦ 4. Geometry (9 th or 10 th grade) ◦ 5. American History (9 th grade social studies) ◦ 6. American Government (10 th grade) ◦ 7. Physical Science (spring 2015 only) or Biology (spring 2015and beyond)

10  How many End of Year Tests Do I Have to Take? ◦ Seven  What Scores on the EOY Tests Do I Need to Earn to Graduate from High School? ◦ You Need 18 Points Total on the Seven Tests AND Enough Points Earned in Each Subject Area! ◦ Students will need minimum of 4 total points on the Two English Tests (i. e. Combined total of 4 points for your EOY tests taken for 9 th gr Eng. and 10 th grade Eng.) ◦ Students will need minimum of 4 total points on the Two Math Tests ◦ Students will need minimum 6 total points on the three remaining tests in Social Studies and Science

11  How are points awarded? ◦ Advanced= 5 points ◦ Accelerated= 4 points ◦ Proficient= 3 points ◦ Basic= 2 points ◦ Limited= 1 point

12  4 credits English  4 credits Math  4 credits Social Studies  4 credits Science  1 credit Fine or Practical Art .5 credit Physical Education .5 credit Health .5 Financial Literacy  3 credits Foreign Language (or 2 years each of 2 separate languages)  GPA of 3.5  ACT score of 27 or SAT score of 1210 Ohio Honors Diploma Requirements (You must meet ten of nine requirements to qualify)

13  Changes in course selections will only be made due to balance class sizes or correct scheduling errors/conflicts.  Basically this means you need to choose your classes carefully and wisely! You cannot “change your mind” in August!  Please see the Course Add/Drop Policy in your registration bulletin for all details.

14  Any student who is wanting to be eligible for college credit must attend the CC+ meeting held on March 3 rd at 6pm in the Auditorium  Students must sign a letter of intent by April 1 st  Students must apply for student status at the individual college by May 1 st  Students must decided if they are taking the college credit for NEXT year by May 29 th.  Many of our AP classes have CC+ credit attached to them as an option.

15  How many classes do I need to sign up for?  A FULL schedule (7 bells)  Do I need a foreign language to graduate?  No, but colleges recommend or require 2 years of the SAME language.  What if I applied to go to Diamond Oaks next year?  You still need to register normally for a full schedule! Then we will remove your requests once you have officially been accepted. Common Registration Questions

16  Do I have to take the AP test if I have an AP class?  Yes. You will be charged for the test through your school fees at the beginning of the year.  Can I schedule a Study Hall?  No (Study Hall may be scheduled for you as needed.)  Qualifying Juniors and Seniors may schedule a period for Sinclair Community College online classes  Can I retake a class that I have already passed?  At this time, the only classes that are available for duplicate credit are Band, Choir, Contemporary World Issues, Technology Asst., TV Production & Broadcast, and Rock & Roll Lab Band. Common Registration Questions

17  Use EZ Pay to pay fees early  For those who pay early with EZ Pay ◦ May pick up schedules early ◦ May complete parking pass information and choose a select parking space early  All others may pay fees the week before school begins ◦ pick up schedule just before school starts ◦ choose parking space just before school starts


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