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Cell Structure and Function

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1 Cell Structure and Function

2 Vacuole Storage of food, water, wastes and enzymes 1

3 Mitochondria Converts stored food into energy (POWERHOUSE) 2

4 Ribosomes Produces protein 3 3

5 Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
Makes lipids (fats) 4 4

6 Cell Membrane Controls what enters and leaves the cells 5 5

7 Lysosomes Contains enzymes that breaks down things 6

8 Cytoplasm Supports the cell; allows parts to move 7

9 Nucleus Control center of the cell 8 8

10 Cell Wall Supports and protects plant cell 9

11 Golgi Apparatus Packages and transports proteins from the cell 10 10

12 Nuclear Membrane Controls what enters and leaves the nucleus 11 11

13 Chloroplast Makes chemical energy from sunlight 12

14 Nucleolus Controls cell reproduction and makes ribosomes 13 13

15 Centrioles Aids in cell division 14

16 Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
Synthesizes and transports proteins throughout the cell 15 15


18 4 ways plant cells are different than animal cells:
Box shape Large Vacuole Chloroplasts Cell Wall

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