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Question and Answer Samples and Techniques

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1 Question and Answer Samples and Techniques
Quiz Show Question and Answer Samples and Techniques

2 Bacteria are prokaryotes.

3 Wood is made up of Cell Walls

4 Most unicellular organisms are

5 Match the organelle to what it’s function
Nucleus Transportation Network Mitochondria Packages the protein the cell makes Golgi body Control Center Ribosomes Releases energy from food Endoplasmic Reticulum Produces proteins

6 Unlike animal cells, plant cells store water and other materials in
cytoplasm Lysosomes Central Vacuole Golgi Body All of the above

7 Organelle where sugar is made from sunlight
Chloroplasts Lysosomes Ribosomes Mitochondria All of the above

8 Animal and plant cells differ because plant cells have
Endoplasmic Reticulum Lysosomes Ribosomes Cell Walls All of the above

9 Membrane-bound spaces for storage in cells

10 Building blocks of life

11 Food-making organelle in plants

12 Mitochondria need what gas to break down food

13 Protects the cells of plants
Cell Wall

14 Where is the genetic material located in a eukaryotic cell?

15 Protective layer around all cells
Cell Membrane

16 What is the main difference between a prokaryotic cell and a eukaryotic cell?
Prokaryotic cells have no membrane bound organelles, eukaryotic cells do have membrane bound organelles

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