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First Grade First Grade Parent Parent Orientation Orientation.

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2 First Grade First Grade Parent Parent Orientation Orientation

3  We must have a note stating the reason for an absence.  Leaving school before 12:00 is considered an absence.  We must have a note when changing transportation.

4 Our Schedule 8:30 - 8:40 Morning Work/Announcements 8:40 -10:25 Language Arts 10:25 -11:10 Intervention/Workshop 11:10 -11:30 Recess 11:40 -12:10 Lunch 12:10 -1:10 Math 1:10 -1:55 Specials (Three 6 Day Rotations – PE every other day) 1:55 - 2:40 Language Arts 2:40 - 3:25 Science/Social Studies 3:25 - 3:30 Review and Dismissal

5 Language Arts - SRA Whole Group Reading Strong focus on phonics, shared reading, and reading strategies Small Group-Guided reading with leveled books and/or remediation Independent Reading-Class library, library books, Accelerated Reader

6 Workshop Workshop Students will rotate through workstations during Workshop (intervention/enrichment) time. Activities in the Workstations Literacy Puzzles Writing Tasks Sight Word Games Spelling Word Practice File Folder Games Word Family Games Computer Games Vocabulary Activities Grammar Skills Practice Phonics Poetry Creativity Reading books independently or with a partner Listening to books on tape and CD

7 Reading Practice At Home  Decodables-Read and reread until fluent  AR Library Books-read several times  Book Club Books  Sight Words and Fluency Phrases  Poetry Notebooks  Kids Magazines  Computer games and sites-SRA online  Continue to read bedtime stories together

8 A program designed to reward and encourage students to read. Students choose a AR book - (books in the Media Center are marked with a sticker indicating the level and number of points students can receive from correctly answering questions about the book). After a student has read a book he/she will take a test on the computer answering questions related to the story. Points are accumulated and a certificate is given for the first designated goal, then students may earn buttons and ribbons at various points of accomplishments.

9 Calendar Time: Foundations for math concepts Emphasizes routine topics such as counting, time, money, positional words, patterns, tallying and graphing data Math Facts Goal: Fluency with Addition and Subtraction Facts to 18 Study weekly facts list for test on Friday Math Workshop: Map to the World of Math Mastery First Grade Math Standards Data Folder Hands-on math activities and support to help the students master their facts and math concepts Individual/small group math intervention time


11 Class Rules and Procedures Please check and sign your child’s chart daily.

12 Individual servings Snacks


14 WOLF Homework Folder

15 Completing assignments correctly and on time helps develop life skills. -self-discipline - responsibility - ability to work independently - study skills for the future

16 Homework Wolf Folder   Daily Homework Assignments   Notes/Forms   Newsletters   Daily Behavior – Notes will be send as needed.   Decodables-Keep in color pocket until end of unit.   Please keep sight work lists with folder.   Please take out old papers.   Money/Checks (envelope with student’s & teacher’s names and the reason for sending the money)

17 Signed Papers – Homework Folder sent Papers need to be sent back to school the next day back to school the next day. Please sign and/or initial the papers. I m p o r t a n t P a p e r s

18 Assessments  1 - does not meet standard  2 - progressing toward standard  3 - meets the standard  4 - exceeds the standard Standards Based Report Cards

19 Daily Practice Papers *Please review and remove them each day from your child’s folder unless they need to be corrected or finished. *Please sign and return all incomplete or corrected papers. Markings on the Daily Practice Papers: Markings on the Daily Practice Papers: CT Completed Together Paper is correctly completed Paper is correctly completed Paper needs a few improvements Paper needs a few improvements *If a paper has many errors, or if your child needed help to complete it, I will write comments and let you know what needs to be practiced. If this is happening often, we may need to schedule a conference concerning your child’s progress.

20 Book Orders Book Orders   Age appropriate reading materials   Bonus points for the classroom   Software is also offered   Books are reasonably priced   Write checks payable to the book club that you are ordering from.   See newsletter for due date back to school.

21 BOX TOPS! Please send in your box tops!

22 Field Trips




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