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St. Mark’s Community Service 2012-2013 New Website and x2VOL Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors August 27, 2012.

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1 St. Mark’s Community Service 2012-2013 New Website and x2VOL Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors August 27, 2012

2 Feel free to raise your hand with questions at any point during this presentation.

3 Community Service Section of the New St. Mark’s Website Will have a link to the new x2VOL software we will be demonstrating in a moment. Will have all the forms, releases, and extra information you will need for your projects. Will have content from Community Service Projects.

4 Enter your St. Mark’s email address (format example Your password is your e-mail (format example NOTE: YOUR PASSWORD IS CASE SENSITIVE. Then LOGIN. Logging in for the first time.

5 Select Interests Update your profile anytime or contact x2VOL support from any page (or at Update your “About You” section with your correct address, home phone number, and mobile phone number. Select what you enjoy in community service in the “Interests” section so that we can offer you projects suited to you.

6 Notifying your parents/changing your password Do NOT change your student ID. You MUST check this box. Check this box IF you want to add your parent’s email address so they are notified when you sign up for an event. Select that you understand the policies and are 13 or older. Change your password by clicking this button (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). Make sure to press save after changing it. Do NOT change your email address. THEN press the Save button (not shown).

7 Join A Group and Add Goals JOIN your graduating class group Then click FINISH STEP 1: STEP 2: Click on the class you joined Then check the GOALS that apply to you. (Should be First Trimester Hours, and Summer Hours if you completed any.) Then click Finish.

8 Community Service Board and Student Council Members: You must join the group of the student group you are a part of in addition to joining your class group. These are found directly below the class groups on the Groups and Goals page. Community service board members should have a supplemental goal of 15 additional hours per trimester (in addition to their 5 hour per trimester class goal). ONLY join if you are a member of one of these student groups.

9 That’s it for setting up your account. Now we’ll talk about using the system.

10 Three Ways to Log Your Hours 1. Add Hours to Recurring Activities (For projects that you do repeatedly). To see your hours, click on “My Activity Hours”. This includes all of your hours from your St. Mark’s career. NOTE: For anyone who does non-signup school activities like Genesis, you must now enter the hours for them as an activity of your own independently. 2. ADD AN ACTIVITY OF YOUR OWN (Equivalent to the old reporting forms). 3. Add hours for an activity that you signed up for through x2VOL (school- provided projects).

11 Adding Hours 1&2: Activity of Your Own Choose a goal to apply your hours to a trimester goal (remember, 5 hours per trimester), or to your summer hours. You can make this a Recurring Activity. Once you have recurring activities, you can easily add a new “instance” when you went by checking “Add From My Recurring Activities.” Fill out the form in detail, like you would on the old hours reporting forms. Fill out the name of the activity, a description, contact information for a supervisor at the project, the date the project was completed, and the number of hours. You MUST write a reflection for all personal activities. Reflect on what you did and why. All hours entered will be audited, and any violations will be handled like cheating is under the Lion Tracks.

12 Adding Hours 3: Sign up through x2vol Go to the School Center to find opportunities and sign up for them (This is the equivalent of the sign up sheets on the old Community Service Bulletin Board).

13 You can use x2vol to log hours not traditionally approved by the school But the school will not approve these items. For example, if you served at a house of worship or somewhere where you received credit for your time externally, you can enter the hours into x2vol, but they will not count toward your goals (First Trimester requirements, etc.).

14 Edit or Delete Activities Back on the My Activity Hours page, if you click an activity you can edit it or remove it from your log. You can also see whether the school has approved your hours from here.

15 Printing Your Service Log Print your service log by clicking here.

16 Try the x2VOL Free Mobile App After you register and login on the web site – try the mobile app to log your hours! You are allowed to download the app to your iPhone or Android phone during this presentation – go ahead and pull out your phone to do it.

17 Mobile App Screens Note: You must login at least once on the web site before you can use the free x2VOL mobile app. The app is for logging hours only.

18 Remember -Homework: You must set up your account on x2VOL. -Verify that all the information is correct in the database. -Change your password when logged in. -This is now the only option for tracking community service hours. It is required. -If you can’t login, have feedback, have questions, or have technical problems – contact Do not contact the Community Service Board, Ms. Day, or Sr. Correa. -This presentation will be posted on the Community Service section of the new St. Mark’s Website.

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