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2 LOGGING IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT Go to Enter your username in lower case, then enter your numeric password. Press “login”. Your username should be typed in completely: “”

3 Your Control Panel Options

4 Updating account information Update the information you want to modify and click on “MODIFY” to save the changes. Click on the “Account Info” tab.

5 UPDATING THE PASSWORD Click on the “Change Password” Tab. Enter a password that is easy for you to remember but difficult for anyone to guess. Verify it, then click the “Change” button to save. Please note that you may only use a numeric password.

6 Adding Email Accounts Enter your username in the “add account” field. When entering a password, it must contain at least one numerical character. Press “ADD ACCOUNT” when finished. Each account includes 4 free Tollfreeexpress email addresses.

7 Email Forwarding Under the “Email Accounts” tab, click on the desired email address you will use. Enter the email address you plan to forward all Tollfreeexpress emails to in the area provided and then press the “Updated Forward info” button to save the information you entered.

8 UPDATING BILLING INFORMATION Click on the “Billing Info” tab. Here, you can edit any information necessary for billing purposes. Please verify your entry as all declined charges have corresponding fees. Enter the email address you would like to have your statements forwarded to. Press the “modify” button to save any changes.

9 CHECKING THE TRANSACTION HISTORY Click on the “Transaction History” tab. This area will list all of the transactions posted to the account.

10 MAKING A PAYMENT Click on the “Make a Payment” tab. Enter the amount you have designated for pre-payment. This amount will be considered as “stored credit” and will be deducted as you use Tollfreeexpress services. There is no limit to the number of pre-payments you can make.

11 CHECKING ACCOUNT SERVICES Click on Plan / Services This area indicates your current plan This area indicates the list options included in your plan. This area lists all of the additional options you can include in your account. Click on “Install Services” to update your account.


13 TOLL FREE SERVICES Click on the “Toll Free Services” tab to see the following options:

14 PURCHASING MINUTES / ACCOUNT INFO Click on the “Purchase Minutes / Account Info” tab. Your IDENTIFICATION NUMBER is the number you will use to login to TollFreeExpress. You can change, edit or modify phone menu options at our website or, using only your telephone. Under the “Phone account info” tab, you can click on “Download log”. This will generate a.csv formatted file detailing all calls made on your account.

15 PURCHASING MINUTES / ACCOUNT INFO Click on the “Purchase Minutes / Account Info” tab. Under the phone account info tab, you will be able to the amount you would like to have billed the credit card you have on file. Press “Pay” when you are sure of the amount you have entered. This amount will be considered as “stored credit” to your account and will be deducted as you use Tollfreeexpress services.

16 ADDING USER ACCOUNTS Click on the “User Accounts” Tab. User accounts are configurable for Tollfreeexpress customers in a way that allows incoming calls to be routed or forwarded to different locations. To manually enter accounts, click on “New Contact”. To edit contact information, just click “EDIT” beside the name of the contact you wish to change.

17 EDITING CONTACT INFORMATION Enter the correct information in each field. The extension number and password must be numerical, but can be arbitrary in nature.

18 EDITING CONTACT INFORMATION Enter your 800 “destination number” here. Specify the greeting you would like your callers to hear when reaching your 800 number. This greeting is customizable as long as you have a saved sound file. Specify the action of call routing specifications you have made. Click “Save” to save the changes you have made.

19 EDITING SYSTEM MENUS Click on the “System Menus” Tab. Click on “Edit” to modify the settings of your Callflow. Click on “Callflow” to define settings of your phone menus. Phone menus depend on the plan you have with Tollfreeexpress. You can have up to 15 different phone menus under the Enterprise plan.

20 EDITING CALLFLOW Click on the “System Menus” Tab. Create an extension called “s” as your start point menu. With this example, “s” menu will be set the toll free # to be routed to call contact “leah leah”. Each phone call received by the toll free number will be forwarded to “leah leah”. Click on Callflow

21 EDITING SYSTEM MENUS Click on System Menus Your extension can be chosen arbitrarily. You must specify the action your Callflow will follow when a caller calls your 800#.

22 ROUTING CALLS Click on the “Route Calls Tab”. “Time Param(eter)” sets the time the callflow is routed. Select 00:00 to 24:00 format. “Caller ID” is the section where you indicate the name of the caller associated with the phone number used to call your 800 number.

23 UPLOADING SOUND FILES Click on Sound Files Sound files are recordings that you can upload to the phone system. You will need to name this recording for tracking purposes. You can customize your phone greetings by changing sound files and specifying changes in the System Menus

24 SETTING UP CONFERENCES Click on the “Conferences” Tab. “Conferences” is the area where users setup the names and ID/PIN (customizable entries) so that these people can join in a conference call once they enter their ID/PIN when they call your 800 number’s conference call feature. Once a conference ID is created, you can edit settings by clicking on “EDIT”. This area simply allows account owners to change the account information of people who can join the conference call.

25 If you need more help in setting up your control panel… Call Us at: 1-877-TFEXPRZ (8339779)


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