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Guide to using the Pharos Course Forums PHAROS TUTORS.

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1 Guide to using the Pharos Course Forums PHAROS TUTORS

2 The First Step Your Tutor will have sent you a message welcoming you to the course In this message will be instructions to visit the Pharos Forum site. We start with the link to the general forum area. To follow these illustrated instructions you will need : –To be connected to the internet –To have a class forum password (provided by your tutor)

3 You will need to click on Forum in the top menu bar Pharos Tutors Home Page

4 To visit your specific course Forum Area click here – this takes you to the Pharos Forum page Pharos Website Forum Page

5 You need to enter the universal password for the Pharos Forum pages family in this box, ignore the other login box for the moment.

6 Click on register – this will take you to a special page where you can choose your username The next step …

7 Complete this form, including your country of residence, and check for the confirmation email in you Inbox. Creating a user name

8 Now use your username & password to login and ask the computer to remember you. Login & User Name

9 Scroll down the page - for this example, the course is Victorian Families – click on the highlighted course title... Finding your course forum area

10 Use the course specific password given to you by your tutor & click on log me in… so you dont have to repeat this login process at each visit Specific Course Forum

11 Scroll down the page and choose the forum you want to enter, click on the highlighted name You are now in the forum area!

12 Once you have read a message and have your response ready, click on Reply Reading a forum message

13 Type your text in this box, using the tool bar as you would on your own PC Preparing a Response

14 Start a new thread To start a new thread (or conversation) in a forum, click on the New Topic phrase

15 Preparing your new thread Give your new thread a title – usually the topic you wish to discuss – and then type your message in the empty box

16 Click on manage attachments This pop-up box appears, click on browse and you will immediately be taken to your own PC hard drive - find your document/pix and click open. You can attach up to 5 documents, under 2MB each. Then press upload Want to add an attachment?

17 Reviewing and Posting Your Forum Message When you have completed your message, scroll to the bottom of the message box and you will see several boxes which you can click – Preview message allows you to see what it will look like when you post it, spell check is obvious, and Post Message does just that!

18 Subscribe to a forum To subscribe to a forum and receive an email whenever there is a new posting, click on thread tools at the top of the forum page and then choose subscribe to this thread.


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