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ANALYSI Web: ANALYSIS LTD Gandijeva 76A 11070 Novi Beograd tel/fax: +381 318-64-46 +381318-64-48.

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1 ANALYSI e-mail: Web: ANALYSIS LTD Gandijeva 76A 11070 Novi Beograd tel/fax: +381 318-64-46 +381318-64-48

2 The Analysis company was founded in 1996 The basic activity of company is wholesale, maintenance and servicing of laboratory equipment and consumables. Calibration of measuring equipment. Designing and development of qualification services, application and customer‘s training. Market cover: Former Yugoslavia and Albania Company has 20 employees

3 ANALYSIS LTD VISION: To become the partner of choice to our esteemed customers and suppliers through:  Dedication to provide quality service and support  Earn the trust and respect of our business partners and help support their success  Add value to our customers’ operation beyond price ANALYSIS LTD MISSION:  To be the market leading supplier of laboratory products and services  To deliver reliable solutions to our customers that enhance their productivity and efficiency  Continuously improve our business processes and productivity  To achieve successful Teamwork between our Customers and our Principals Vision and Mission Statement

4 Quality Policy  To deliver quality and value added products & services to meet or Exceed customers’ satisfaction.  To comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.  To provide professional training to employees to improve their soft and technical skills.  To make continuous improvement towards desired goals through team participation and measurements of processes.

5 Range of services  Equipment and Instrument sales  Annual Maintenance Contracts  Laboratory Furniture  Callibration and Validation  Repairs and Service  Lab/Equipment Shifting  Installation & Commissioning  Application  Project Management  Training

6 Analysis Ltd. selling program includes fields of work in the area of pharmacy, industry, environment, science and medicine. Selling programs in the section of sale and procurement are led by experienced managers who hold university degrees in the fields of physical chemistry, chemistry, technology, pharmacy and who provide professional service to users on the occasion of selection of adequate equipment as well as services related to introduction of the application method for the subject equipment. Equipment and Instrument sales

7 Analysis Ltd. provides, with its own testing-measuring equipment and through its Service Logistics Sector and Validation and Calibration Sector, services regarding installation, qualification, maintenance and servicing of equipment as well as the training of users which is performed by experienced service engineers who attended special courses for the subject equipment training centers of the producers, which is confirmed by adequate certificates. Within the scope of activities for the service logistics, Analysis Ltd. possesses its own training center to the purpose of providing better quality training of the users as well as providing services of introduction of method application for the subject equipment. Service Logistics Sector

8 Since its very foundation, Analysis Ltd. successfully cooperates with the leading world producers of laboratory equipment for the purpose of fulfillment of users’ requirements, their satisfaction and making long lasting cooperation to the mutual benefit.


10 ANALYSIS LTD Certificates

11 Sertified Quality Managment System in accordance with ISO 9001:2008

12 12. september, 2011. Laboratory for calibration and validation

13 The success of Analysis company is attributed to our ability to satisfy rigorous and challenging demands of our customers. Our customers run complex operations that require sophisticated technologies and dedicated support from expert service engineers and application managers. Our solutions are carefully tailored combining industry expertise and application know-how to achieve efficient results. Collaborating in partnership with the most advanced technological companies from US, Europe and Japan, Analysis offers a one-stop solution for the laboratory. We are proud to serve QA, QC, academic and research institutions with the best equipment and services. From turnkey projects to sophisticated equipment/instrumentation to basic consumables, our customers can be assured of dependable and reliable service and support. We look forward to serving you and earning your business every day

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