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Sunrise Agriland Development & Research Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2008, CRISIL, APEDA, SGS Organic Certified Company engaged in exporting & importing high.

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1 Sunrise Agriland Development & Research Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2008, CRISIL, APEDA, SGS Organic Certified Company engaged in exporting & importing high quality Organic Foods Product).

2 About Us Our company, Sunrise Agriland Development and Research Private Limited, is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization dealing in natural and organic food and personal care products. Established in 2007 in the world famous Pink City, Jaipur, our company has attained a leading position in the natural food production industry with well-known brands across the globe. We have worked exceedingly well following a research- oriented approach to offer best range of Organic Herbal Juices, Herbal Natural Cosmetics, Organic Tea & Coffee, Organic Foods & Vegetables, Organic Spices, Organic Grains & Pulses, Organic Natural Herbs, Organic Manure & Pesticides, etc. The products are manufactured in order to provide natural and healthy organic food and personal care products for day-to-day use. Our enterprise was founded on the philosophy of providing unparalleled services to the clients with a clear focus on optimizing our clients' return on investment. We provide a complete range of assistance from basic information to marketing of our products. Our team works with dedication to provide the best products and services with an eye on achieving total customer satisfaction. The products are tagged at market leading prices in comparison to others in the same trade.

3 Objectives  We are working with an objective to offer best quality organic food products and personal care products.  We procure the range from various parts of the globe & make them available to every Indian via online shopping.  We deal in various categories of products such as Organic Juice, Personal Care, Beauty Products, Parenting & Health Services.  We partner directly with brands and their authorized network channels, to ensure strict quality control and deliver 100% genuine organic products.

4 Vision & Mission  We envisage our company to become a reliable household name in India that offers customers direct access to genuine health care products at best prices.  Our mission is to conduct credible, evidence-based scientific research on the health and environmental benefits of organic food and create public awareness for the same.

5 Company Goals  Research & Development : Serve the people of India by providing comprehensive and relevant set of credible data about the benefits of organic food and farming for human health and environment, supported by scientific studies in the field.  Education & Information : Assist the people and organizations in understanding the science of organics while putting across the benefits, and serve as a source of acquiring free knowledge of everything related to organic foods and the studies conducted on the same subject.  Organic Production : Contribute to a significant level of increase in organic production and consumption.  Media and Public Policy Resource : Communicate credible findings to policy makers and shift the attention of media on the organic difference.  Partnerships : Establish mutually advantageous strategic collaborations to advance our mission.  Vibrant Organization : Achieve revenue objectives with the help of new and creative funding strategies.

6 Deliverables  Organic Herbal Juices  Herbal Natural Cosmetics  Organic Tea & Coffee  Organic Foods & Vegetables  Organic Spices  Organic Grains & Pulses  Organic Natural Herbs  Organic Manure & Pesticides

7 Company Certifications

8 Milestones Milestone 1 Scope Certificate Milestone 2 ISO Certification Milestone 3 July 10 Milestone 4 October 10

9 Quality Assurance for Organic Products  Quality assurance is providing evidence needed to establish quality in work, and that activities are being performed effectively. Many systematic actions are necessary to provide enough confidence that a product or service will satisfy the given requirements for quality.  The world over, the quality assurance requirements of organic food production are becoming more exacting, increasingly specific guidelines and standards are being introduced. Throughout the world there are many different sets of national legislation governing organic production.  Compliance with all these standards is becoming a key criterion to being able to market produce.  It is imperative that small operators are not marginalized and unduly excluded from the organic sector due to factors beyond their control. Standards must allow for local equivalence and certification systems must be innovative and cost efficient enough to address smallholders’ situation worldwide, particularly in developing countries.  Further, we also give attention to the packing of product & plants without chemical used so that their nutritional content and freshness can be retained till their final consumption / usage.

10  1 One Company  300 Over Three Hundred Products  1000 Over One Thousand Health Benefits  1000000 Over 1 Million Satisfied Customers … Increaseing Customers Daily

11 CONTACT US -> J-890, Sitapura Industrial Area, RIICO, Jaipur- 302022, Rajasthan, India. Ph: 01415139005 Best Regards: Aamir Malik

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