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Profession Leadership: Strategic Supply Chain Management Canadian Forum on Public Procurement October 2, 2007 Sharon Ferriss, Director of Public Affairs.

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1 Profession Leadership: Strategic Supply Chain Management Canadian Forum on Public Procurement October 2, 2007 Sharon Ferriss, Director of Public Affairs and Communications Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC)

2 QUESTION 1 Association, Education & Certification Overview

3 Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC) Oldest and largest SCM association in the country 40,000 members and program participants Represent all sectors of the economy: private and public National organization + 10 Provincial and Territorial Institutes Principal source of supply chain education and training in Canada Grant the Certified Professional Purchaser (C.P.P.) designation

4 Mission & Vision MISSION Our mission is our reason for being. It is why we exist. …dedicated to serving the needs of the strategic supply chain management practitioner and enterprises by advancing the strategic value of supply chain management through: continuous learning, standards of practice, advocacy and promotion, research, partnerships and networking. VISION Our vision is a picture of the future as we would like it to be. It is a statement of who we are and how we want to be perceived. …to be the recognized leader in the development and advancement of world-class strategic supply chain management.

5 Education Programs Strategic Supply Chain Management Leadership Program – Launched nationally in September 2007 Leading to C.P.P. accreditation Management/executive level Strategic: Balances advanced supply chain management knowledge and high-level business skills Certificate in Purchasing – To be replaced in Fall 2008 Entry to mid-level practitioners Tactical, operational focus Technical competence in supply chain principles, practices and processes

6 Strategic Supply Chain Management Leadership Program (SSCMLP) Program Vision The holder of the C.P.P. professional credential will be recognized as the strategic supply chain management professional who provides innovative strategic leadership to enterprises to achieve strategic competitiveness and a sustained competitive advantage.

7 Foundations and Pillars of Strategic SCM

8 Program Requirements At-A-Glance 8 Modules – Foundational SCM knowledge 6 Interactive Workshops – Higher-level business skills In-Residence Week – Reinforces and integrates knowledge Final Written Examination – Tests knowledge acquired throughout the program Practical Experience Requirement – Minimum of three years of progressive experience in SCM

9 Modules – 13 or 7 Weeks Supply Chain Management Procurement and Supply Management Logistics and Transportation Operations and Process Management Knowledge Management Global Sourcing Supply Chain Management for the Public Sector Supply Chain Management for Services, Capital Goods and Major Projects

10 Interactive Workshops – 2 or 3 Days Leadership and Professionalism Negotiation Skills Communication and Relational Skills Competitive Bidding, Contract Preparation and Contract Management International Business and Multicultural Skills Ethical Behaviour and Social Responsibility

11 SSCMLP – Key Features Admission: Business degree or diploma or required business courses Competency-based, professionally-oriented Focus on integrative thinking, strategic analysis, global business 36 months concurrent with full-time employment Instructor-led (classroom) or self-study (correspondence) Delivered in partnership with universities and colleges Instructed by senior practitioners and top academics

12 Ongoing Professional Development Maintenance of Certification Commitment to life-long learning Ensure a level of competency and current knowledge PMAC National Conference Largest in the country, 500 + delegates May 21-23, 2008 in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador Academic symposia, China business tours, Provincial and local conferences, seminars and other events

13 QUESTION 2 What’s Changing & Why

14 PMAC’s Field of Practice is Changing To Strategic Supply Chain Management From Purchasing/Procurement

15 Strategic Supply Chain Management: Knowledge Areas

16 Field of Practice of Strategic Supply Chain Management Definition Supply chain management is the process of strategically managing flows of goods, services and knowledge, along with relationships within and among organizations, to realize greater economic value through: Supporting enterprise strategic objectives Contributing to the achievement of strategic competitiveness of the enterprise Contributing to the enhancement of the competitive advantage of the enterprise Enhancing customer satisfaction

17 Strategic Supply Chain Management Is or Involves Critical Strategic Dynamic Building Relationships Sharing Knowledge Making Strategic Decisions Managing Flows of Goods and Services

18 Supply Chain Management is Changing Relationships with a network of customers, suppliers and collaborators End-to-end focus: Managing processes across corporate boundaries Global perspective: Different markets, different cultures Focus on integration – SCM is not just about the core functions of procurement, logistics and operations, but includes finance and marketing and others Customer-oriented supply chains are the new model – Driver: customer’s shifting demands not the supply base Source: “Supply Chain 2010,” Eli Broad Graduate School of Management, Michigan State University, 2007

19 Strategic Supply Chain Management Model

20 Market Expectations are Changing Strategic Leader Integrating Perspective Decision-Maker “Strategic Business Managers and Supply Chain Specialists”

21 What’s Required of Today’s Successful SCM Professional Knowledge, Skills and Attributes Strategic Vision Ethical Behaviour Change Management Strategic Planning Relationship Management Consultation Negotiation Process Management Communication

22 Contact Us Purchasing Management Association of Canada 777 Bay Street, Suite 2701 P.O. Box 112 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5G 2C8 416-977-7111 or 1-888-799-0877

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