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Chapter 1 Section 2 The Path to Citizenship

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1 Chapter 1 Section 2 The Path to Citizenship

2 Who are American citizens?
The fourteenth Amendment defines a U.S. citizen as anyone “born or naturalized in the United States”

3 2 Ways to become an American Citizen
By Birth By Naturalization

4 By Birth By being born on American soil
If both of your parents are American citizens Or if one of your parents are American citizens that have actually lived in the united states

5 Dual Citizenship Some circumstances, Americans may hold dual citizenship. A child born abroad to American parents may be both a U.S. citizen and a citizen of the country of his or her birth

6 Aliens NO not this kind. Aliens – any noncitizen living in the united states Some come to study, to work, or to visit relative. Some aliens plan to settle here and become naturalized citizens. These are called Immigrants

7 Immigrants People who move permanently to a new country and undergo the naturalization process

8 The Naturalization Process
Step 1. File a Declaration of Intention. Step 2. Live in U.S for 5 years Step 3. Learn English, Civics, U.S. History. Step 4. File an application of Naturalization. Step 5. Meeting with an immigration examiner. Step 6. Court Appearance/Oath of Allegiance

9 Citizen for Life Only the federal government can grant or revoke citizenship A person can revoke their own citizenship, but one done can not regain citizenship

10 Aliens in America The united States restricts the number of immigrants who can enter the country. Relatives of citizens and people with needed job skills receive the highest priority

11 Immigration Act of 1990 A new policy that benefits people with particular skills, talents, or the money to invest in the economy

12 Illegal Aliens There are 10 to 12 million aliens living in the United States illegally Some enter as temporary visitors but never leave Other risk deportation by illegally crossing our borders with Mexico and Canada.

13 Deportation The process of sending an illegal alien back to their home country.

14 Legal Aliens Aliens who have entered the United States legally lead lives much like American citizens. They hold jobs, pay taxes, and are entitled to legal protection They can not: vote in election, run for office, serve on juries, or work in most government jobs. They must also carry identification cards at all times

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