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The Path to Citizenship

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1 The Path to Citizenship
Chapter 1 Sec. 2

2 Section 2 Vocabulary Naturalization Aliens Immigrants Deport

3 Under what circumstances might an American hold dual citizenship?
Discussion Question Under what circumstances might an American hold dual citizenship?

4 Who are America’s citizens?
The U.S. Constitution establishes two ways to become a citizen Being born on U.S. soil Legal process of naturalization You can also claim citizenship if your parent(s) are citizens that live in the U.S. A child born abroad to American parents will hold dual citizenship

5 How to become a citizen Aliens, or noncitizens, may become naturalized citizens. More than a half million immigrants- people who move permanently to a new country, gain U.S. citizenship each year. Aliens must go through a lengthy process to become citizens File a Declaration on Intention with the INS May apply for citizenship after living in the U.S. for 5 years 3 years for those who are married to U.S. citizens Must have interview with INS agent, then take a citizenship exam

6 Discussion Question What types of immigrants have priority when being selected for citizenship?

7 Aliens in America The U.S. restricts the number of immigrants who can enter the country. Priority goes to relatives of U.S. citizens and to people with needed skills or have money to invest Many aliens live in the U.S. illegally Most come looking for a better life Jobs are hard to find Government will deport them, or move them back to their own country

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