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Survey Monkey A “How To” Guide.

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1 Survey Monkey A “How To” Guide

2 What is Survey Monkey? SurveyMonkey is an online survey generator created to help users create a quality survey. This lesson will guide you through the process necessary for creating a survey.

3 Survey Best Practices Establish a goal - Have a goal for the survey.
Strive for clarity - When conducting a survey, it is important to ask questions that have clear, concise answer choices. Instead of yes or no responses, offer a variety of choices that will provide relevant feedback Keep it simple – Limit the number of questions. Ask questions that will provide the feedback that you need, and nothing more. Allow for opinion – Use the essay question option to explain answers or add an opinion. This gives the respondent an opportunity to provide specific feedback.

4 Use the online survey evaluation tool
Survey Best Practices Use the online survey evaluation tool Review & Revise Have a peer take the survey. Talk with them about your goals for the survey and if the survey, in their opinion, meets those goals Discuss the questions and responses to ensure that questions are understood Review response choices to determine if they effectively answer the survey question.

5 The My Surveys Page Navigation, editing and management of Survey Monkey is accomplished through a series of drop-down menus, buttons and icons The following section outlines the functions of these items.

6 Getting Started Paste this URL into your browser: This will open the Survey Monkey homepage. From here, you will create and administer all surveys.

7 Create Your Account

8 Create a free account or sign up with Google or Facebook

9 Surveys

10 Create Survey Click the Create Survey Button

11 Create Survey Choose a survey format:
Copy Existing Template From Scratch New surveys are created From Scratch

12 Create Survey Type a title for the survey in the Enter a Title box

13 Create Survey Choose a theme by clicking one of the Templates on the drop- down list. Click the New Theme button, and the Theme Editor will open. This will allow you to customize the existing theme templates.

14 Add Questions & pages A new page opens with options to add a title and description. Name the Page Title “Question 1” Add a description if necessary

15 Add Questions Add Question list opens
Choose a Question Type from the list of questions available including Multiple-choice, Matrix Essay Choose a question type by clicking on it

16 Add Questions The Add Question menu opens
If you want the respondent to make a single choice of several possible answers, choose One Answer If you want the respondent to choose more than one answer, choose Multiple Answers. Choose horizontal or vertical depending on the question layout If you want students to ask a comment or give a short answer, choose the appropriate “open-ended” choice.

17 Add Questions Choose a Display Format Type the Question Text
Type the Answer Choices Click Check Spelling to review the spelling of the answer Click Save Changes

18 Edit Questions Delete Question: If you determine that it is necessary to delete a question, make choice and click Yes

19 Edit Pages Edit Page: Opens the Edit Page menu to allow you to edit the: Page Title Description When finished editing, click Save Page

20 Edit Pages Choose an option and click Yes
Delete Page: If you determine that it is necessary to delete a page, there are three options: Delete all Questions Move all Questions to page above Move questions to Page below Choose an option and click Yes

21 Edit Questions Edit Question: Opens the Edit Question menu to allow you to edit the Type of question, Question format, Question text Answer Choices Make necessary changes and click Save Changes

22 Preview a Survey After all of the questions, pages, and options (Logic, Editing, Copy/Move) have been completed Click Preview Survey The survey opens in a separate window to allow you to take the survey to ensure that the Questions are accurate Spelling and grammar are correct Skip Logic options are correct

23 My Surveys Page From here you can design, collect and analyze

24 Managing Surveys There are five Survey Management options available by clicking the icons. These options should be managed by the survey author. Design: Click here to design the survey Collect: Once the survey has been completed, click on this icon to select options for sending the survey to recipients and collecting survey results Analyze: Click this icon to see the data displayed graphically Clear: Clicking this icon clears survey data Delete: Clicking this icon deletes a survey PERMANENTLY

25 Collect Survey Results

26 Collect Results Collect - Click the Collect Icon to open the collect responses page. This page determines how your are going to send the survey to and receive the survey from respondents there are Three Options: Create a link to send in your own message or to place on a webpage Upload your own s and have us send a survey invitation Create a popup invitation for your webpage

27 Analyze Results

28 Analyze Results

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